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  1. That Sounders jersey is freaking amazing. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Can't wait for the full story to come out tomorrow. Its so over the top and works perfectly for the Sounders.
  2. https://twitter.com/SoundersFC/status/1373851429467660288 Here we go!
  3. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2021/03/15/limited-edition-emls-cup-jersey-released-ahead-2021-emls-cup Special Limited Edition EMLS Jersey (All proceeds go to Special Olympics)
  4. FCC, MINN, ATL, PHI, NASH, ORL, MIA are the ones currently with keeper kits for sale on MLSShop. I've seen Colorado sell some as well. I know Seattle's are exclusively in store only. Im sure a handful more are in store only as well.
  5. I've seen a good 10+ teams with keeper kits available for sale. That said, at least per Seattle's Proshop. Just because a teams GK will wear a certain color keeper kit doesn't mean that color will be for sale. SEA will be wearing the Pink, Green, and Black keeper kits but now only selling the Black and Yellow. It appears teams get to sell whatever colors Adidas wants to send to them
  6. Sadly it appears the Sounders Pink keeper kit got nixed last second much like the purple keeper kit did last year. Only the Yellow and Black keeper kits will be sold
  7. At minimum some time next week the Sounders Community Kit (the new away) will be in the international market so if anyone has friends outside of the US have em keep an eye out as it should of shipping out to the foreign markets by now. Official unveiling is 10am on the 25th.
  8. So for teams that wanted more time for whatever reason. Adidas gave teams the opportunity at the beginning of last month to push the delivery date later to help with that. (IE why Seattle's is so late as well) Any teams not unveiling this week will most likely be the week of the 25th
  9. If the dark blue stripes would of been any bigger it wouldn't of been considered a light kit. Sounders went through that with the zebra stripe. Origionally it was supposed to be a mix of Rave green and the Capital blue stripes but was told all that blue would of made it a "dark kit"
  10. I gotta think they add some more options. There is like 30 different colors to choose from last I check.
  11. Yeah that's a well done kit! Nice work SJ
  12. This week an next is the first window for adidas to ship jerseys to team this month. The next is the final week. That said I can confirm Seattle is now releasing theirs at the end of the month around the 25th-ish. Hard money is they will be the final team to do so.
  13. Good for them for not picking a plain white t!
  14. its the angle the photo was taken
  15. The nightfalls were "supposedly" pitched as having a gradient sunset effect which would of made them even better. Ended up being just a black and pink kit. No real clue why the need for purple but everytime a new jersey has come out people have mentioned that color.