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  1. That with that darker green accent should look great
  2. It's all up to the individual teams when they design and sign off on the kits. As long as one is dark and the other is light teams can do whatever colors they want. For those that dont really care about the design process the MLS design team (4 of them) will do the bare minimum and give them the crappy tshirt version kits
  3. Yeah id wear that as well. I think the hoodie shouldn't be that far off
  4. That seattle jacket is slick! Its been a solid 7-8 years since we had a blue track jacket
  5. At least the whole stripe part of the sleeve isnt meshed this year. That was awful during windy days
  6. One small tidbit to keep in mind with Sheldons tweets. He used to be the marketing guy at the Sounders so I expectations are/ where high for him over there. Most of us were quite shocked that he signed off on something like that. After the failed rebrand he’s gonna have his back against the wall to really show up for this re-relaunch.
  7. Unless its a 2 person in the org secret, normally there's a whole group involved in the design process. Seattle surprisingly isn't getting a 3rd kit this year
  8. Id be willing to bet Seattle meets the 100K mark but then again after last season who knows....
  9. Interested seeing this. Outside of when the Athletic article debuted. There has been almost no chatter in the normal Seattle circles of a 3rd kit debuting. Will be interested to see this develop.