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  1. I was at this game and boy was it bad. The pink Breast Cancer Awareness accessories made it worse too.
  2. No they just said it would be staying. But knowing the team they'll probably keep the B the primary because ???
  3. I actually agree with this the more I think about it. I think the navy allows what little of the the orange and royal blue to pop a more than a royal blue base would. I do think they should go back to a royal blue base next time they do a blue jersey.
  4. IMO Cam Atkinson is a better HM for Columbus. By the time is contract is up in 2025, he should or will be close to holding team records for games played, goals, assists, and points, plus he already holds a few records. He's ben an alternate captain the last few seasons and could be named the next captain (maybe as soon as next season). Plus he loves playing in Columbus and could sign another contract to retire here. I would also consider Nick Foligno an HM. He's been the captain during what is (so far and by default) the most successful period in CBJ history. EDIT: Man I wish I could spell.
  5. Team makes if official. New uniforms coming spring 2021
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