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  1. looking forward to this season getting interesting. lot of surprise teams in the regular season but could it just come down to lakers going the distance. checking the odds over at and not convinced anyone is ready in the east this year.
  2. am just shocked their D was the crowning glory with the big names that came in offensively. fair play.
  3. was just always a fan of the penguins, oakland A's, broncos for TD, hard to pick a fave nba team....prob shaq and penny magic or spurs
  4. as far as the nets go, rest of the league is going D and team baskeball. Miami and Boston look strong, as do PHI of course, even NY are defending hard now. Idk why ISO ball with no D is supposed to win in the east now. maybe out west but you got tough teams in the east ready to throw down. look at WAS!
  5. Interesting breakdown thats why i was kind of thinking 6 thrown TD's and then maybe 1 DEF TD each and the odd one run in. Expect the score to be in the 30s for both. sound ridiculous?