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  1. Personally, I would lean more on a fighter pilot logo just to differ the team from the Jets
  2. I find it funny that you just had to slip the plaid pattern into portland’s uni
  3. Ok, so there may have already been a question asking this, but i do not really wanna read 117 pages of people asking the mods to ban someone, so i’ll just ask here. Do we need to make the logos ourselves, or can we use others logos with permison or credit to others? Also can we just straight up use clipart?
  4. I feel the sponsor is a little strange looking in the 1st kit. Maybe a horizontal line?
  5. I love the striping on the helmet! Keep up the good work!
  6. -Ostend Monarchs(last queen of italy was marie-jose who was born in ostend)
  7. Hasselt Stags? There is what I believe to be a deer on the city’s coat of arms.
  8. I feel like the stripes just don’t fit the flower pattern. Maybe just have a solid uniform? I also second vtgco on the hot pink and green being that close.