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  1. I love these Helmets. There Orginal, But you can still feel the 80’s teams Vibe. Great work, Keep it up.
  2. Thanks Guys, I have decided to switch my alliegance to the White Sox, for 3 reasons. 1. THE KRAKEN IN THE HOUSE 2. My father and his side of the family are White Sox Fans 3. I have become know for dissapointing My Mother, Why not live up to the Sterotype.
  3. The Cubs have traded Rizzo away to the Yankees, and there are potentially trades that could occur by the deadline that would also result in Kris Bryant and Willson Contreras being traded, too. I was wondering if it's OK to switch my allegiance to the White Sox? I'm a fan of players, not teams, plus being a Chicago-leaning sports fan, the White Sox makes sense as an alternative. Using that logic, is it OK to quit on my Cubbies, or should I stay the course?
  4. I’m Sorry, but when I think of Arena football, I think crazy. I’m kind of dissatisfied that the jerseys don’t look like they are from a football version of Space Jam.
  5. I don’t like the gradient on the helmet for the reason it feels out of place. I also don’t know if it is just the template, but there is little Arrows on the Bottom part of the helmet I do not get. I also feel like the Viking Shields on the front should be shoulder patches. I Can See it as an equivalent to the Nba’s City Edition and MLB’s City Connect though.
  6. I believe you should just because there are some decently-sized Colleges like Gonzaga that should have a little love. Also, like Gonzaga and Wichita ST. Most of them used to have football teams but they fell out in the past.
  7. out of Curiosity, Are you going to add other teams form the Markball thread on Alt-History Sports or are you just using these for the start?
  8. New York New York is situated right next to t-mobile. It is used for parking at knights games so I see no reason why they should build a new arena. Plus, they don’t have the space.
  9. I like how you incorporated the river screen print on FR’s Home Jersey.
  10. I’m just pointing out that there is going to be some horrible looking helmets in the next few years.
  11. I just pray to god I don’t have to see The bears d-line were a orange helmet.
  12. The Only Problem I See is the Red Sox Uniform looks like a faded out Miami Dolphins Jersey.
  13. I know a website that will allow you to post your project on. Though most people share their art, you do not have to have branding for the team. It is called AlternateHistorySports. If you search it up, you can join the website and post your work on there.

    1. parodiqsam


      Thank you!

  14. Personally, I would lean more on a fighter pilot logo just to differ the team from the Jets
  15. I find it funny that you just had to slip the plaid pattern into portland’s uni
  16. Ok, so there may have already been a question asking this, but i do not really wanna read 117 pages of people asking the mods to ban someone, so i’ll just ask here. Do we need to make the logos ourselves, or can we use others logos with permison or credit to others? Also can we just straight up use clipart?
  17. I feel the sponsor is a little strange looking in the 1st kit. Maybe a horizontal line?
  18. I love the striping on the helmet! Keep up the good work!
  19. -Ostend Monarchs(last queen of italy was marie-jose who was born in ostend)
  20. Hasselt Stags? There is what I believe to be a deer on the city’s coat of arms.
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