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  1. you nailed it. I don’t think the silver is necessary. The Black and Carolina Blue with white as a trim color if needed. Their division already is so heavy with Black with Atlanta and NO so I think light blue helmets would be unique. As long as it didn’t look smurflike but I don’t think it would. they need a new logo too. I don’t know what. Lower case c & p interlocking with a panthers eye or something. I dunno. if they want to keep it close to their historical look than do what the Chargers did. A modern take on a retro look. Then dropping the navy blue makes the bolts so much cleaner. If panthers changed the striping and dropped the silver, if with the same logo, they could make a huge upgrade. ALSO, I was looking at the Seattle Kraken unis and Thiugh I hate the name, I dig how it’s several shades of blue and only that. Deep sea to ice blue with other shades in between. the Cards should do that with Red. Do something from a deep maroon, rust desert brownish red, cardinal to a pinkish southwest sunset light red. Not talking gradient jerseys. Keep Cardinal red as home jersey and maybe the sleeves or stripes have a cool fade from dark to light. or just incorporate that state flag like they used to but to a greater degree. the southwest is full of unique colors and though your the oldest franchise and you’re the cardinals, incorporate some of those big sky:Mesa:sand:sunset:sagebrush hues.