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  1. With my Atlanta design dropping this week - I am about the halfway point in my journey. I wanted to clarify my reason for selecting these cities and provide insight on what is to come. I chose all cities that had at least 2 of the big 4 teams (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB). Any cities that had only 2 big 4 teams also received an MLS mashup to help compensate for the lack of logos. Cities/States completed so far: Chicago Pittsburgh Philadelphia Tampa Bay Indianapolis Seattle Carolinas Boston Wisconsin Phoenix Tennessee Bay Area (San Francisco and Oakland) Detroit Miami Atlanta Kansas City Remaining cities: Los Angeles #1 Baltimore New York City #1 Houston Toronto Los Angeles #2 Las Vegas New York City #2 Minneapolis/Minnesota Dallas New Orleans Cleveland Denver St. Louis Cincinnati Buffalo Washington I left Washington for last, hoping they would create the new name for the football team but that may not happen for another year as they have already announced they will continue to use the Washington Football Team name for this upcoming 2021 season. Cities with only 1 Big 4 team: Calgary (Flames) Columbus (Blue Jackets) Edmonton (Oilers) Jacksonville (Jaguars) Montreal (Canadiens) New Jersey (Devils) Oklahoma City (Thunder) Orlando (Magic) Ottowa (Senators) Portland (Trailblazers) Sacramento (Kings) San Antonio (Spurs) Utah (Jazz) Vancouver (Canucks) Winnipeg (Jets) Major League Soccer cities that also have a big 4 team: Columbus (Crew) Montreal (Impact) Orlando (FC) Portland (Timbers) Utah (Real Salt Laker) Vancouver (Whitecaps) Coincidentally it is 3 NHL and 3 NBA cities. I may or may not make a mashup for these 6 cities at the very end.
  2. Thanks a lot! I scoured everywhere through the internet and could not get a vector file for that design so I carefully retraced it and spaced out the symbols evenly and it turned out amazing! I've always been a fan of that old Grizzlies logo. I have two versions of the LA logo scheduled (I may attempt to also put them all together but I doubt it would look very cohesive) - I am not sure if this is the correct way to split the teams. I have thought about Clippers, Chargers, Angels and Ducks (Clips/Chargers have origins in San Diego and Angels/Ducks are from Anaheim). Then you got Lakers, Rams, Dodgers and Kings which don't really have any connections as far as I know except Magic Johnson is part owner of the Dodgers and the Lakers and Rams both have origins in the Midwest. Kings play in the Staples center along with the Lakers and although the Clippers do as well, they will be getting their own stadium soon. As far as the old Clippers cursive, I agree with you, that may have been the best branding the team has had in its history. After the Sterling situation, they scrambled to come up with a new identity and it has never really felt right. Well I may or may not end up using the wordmark as that's not something I typically add to the logos, I try to focus more on the icon/emblem but I can maybe throw it in there as an alt! Stay tuned.
  3. It was brought to my attention that there was another Tennessee logo mashup almost identical to mine floating around the internet. There was no watermark and could not find a date. Even though all of these concepts are created without outside inspiration, there will inevitably be some overlap because there's only so many ways these can be pieced together. I decided to at least change the colors and as a bonus, I included an alt version with the Vancouver grizzlies roundel. I wasn't sure if that tribal-like design was specific to the Vancouver region so I decided to not make it the main logo. Does anyone have any info on the Vancouver Grizzlies logo origin/history?
  4. I gave those a try but I didn't like how it looked at all, the 4 and 9 were way too dominant in the design and it just doesn't look right. the text roundel is inconsistent with the other designers I have, it also makes the rest of the logo seem way small so It did not work either! Thanks for your suggestions though. I think I'll close the book on this and keep the single elephant version for the combo. I'll likely revisit all of these logos later on for color variations.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I think the Tennessee color swap would be good to see. and I can easily drop the crown on KC a bit lower. Yeah I'm honestly still undecided about the combo for bay area. I want to avoid doing the mirrored trick as much as possible and it does make it look more busy. That Giants logo is amazing, I love the texture on the ball - I don't remember if I mentioned this but I'm trying to also avoid the use of any balls or equipment as much as I can - I know the baseball bat is still there for the elephant but I can't do much about it. My whole goal is to not focus on one specific team or sport - it should be something brand new. I didn't have a choice for Indiana and for Tampa, I couldn't find a good way to replace the football. I may sound like I'm being a stickler about these things but I'm trying to be impartial and think about not putting one team's design/sport so much above the rest. A Teal version might be cool, definitely not for a main logo but I can have a secondary version just like how I've done with my Chicago logos (not posted). I chose the red and gold since the 49ers were the team that had the smallest representation and also the most unique color palette, although you can probably argue the teal is also unique. To have a variation in color palette from SF and Oakland might mean I take the colors of the respective teams that make those versions unique (Orange/Black for SF and Green/Yellow for Oak). I can explore those two for alternates as well
  6. So I think what I will do is release 3 versions - one with the Giants, one with the A's and one with both teams. It will be "San Francisco - Bay Area", "Oakland - Bay Area" and just "Bay Area". All of them will contain the San Jose Sharks - and none will include the earthquakes - this is getting difficult enough haha. This way everyone is happy. I'm not too delighted about the Oakland version - I prefer either the SF or the combined versions. Which leads me to me question, which of the combined versions is preferred? I like the fact that the drape on it's back is covered on the double elephant version because I didn't want to include the "A" on it.
  7. The only drawback is the 49ers oval shape kind of ruins the design, they just aren't as strong a shape a circle - especially since the ovals aren't proportionately the same (the outer ovals get increasingly wider but not taller). That and I don't think it would be enough to cover the 49ers. I am also trying to avoid any references to team names. I felt the 49 is a significant part of California history so it was appropriate but '49ers', 'Athletics', 'Warriors', and 'Sharks' would not be consistent with the representation/focus on the city-metro area and instead make you focus more on a specific team. I hardly am willing to include the full name of the city as well because at that point it strays away even further from being a logo, its more of a vector art/illustration with too much going on (baseball logos are almost exclusively text/monograms/initials so it is hard to not add them at times when their team branding is very bare bones.
  8. Thank you, I added a watermark to my latest post. I should do that for all, instead of just putting it off to the side
  9. I am a bit torn here on whether or not to include the Oakland A's. Given I added San Jose's team, to be consistent to the bay area theoretically I should. The design already seems well put together that I think adding more to it would just ruin it. Any advice?