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  1. cuz, every kiwi knows that if we don't play in black/ white, then we play in beige/brown. Oooh yeah - a brown and beige 3rd kit lol!! Am loving it already :-)
  2. More like cyrillic (300+ million people write in it) than greek (10 million). And although cyrillic is partly derived from greek, the greek alphabet was itself derived from phoenician. I think it sounds like cyrillic to - the letter F....FC somethign maybe??
  3. Nope - it is possibly as bad as it looks - see the teams web page (about half way down) Sokol Kiev
  4. I love the St Pete Pelicans jersey - I need one now!!! If you can find a copy, there is a book called 'Extra Innings' by David Whitford that is about the one (and a bit) seasons of the SPBA - seem to remember that when it folded there was talk about them establishing teams in California/Arizona as well. There is also a story ('The Unnatural' by Peter O Whitmer of Tropic Magazine) about a Florida lawyer, Joe Mincberg, who tried out as a walk-on for the Miami Tropics without any pro-experience at all - apparently he had to submit a formal motion for a continuance during a cocaine-smuggling trial as 'Counsel has an opportunity to try out for the Tropics professional baseball team' - which was granted. His entire professional career (as far as I can tell) was a 1-for-5 (with 3 strikeouts) appearance against the Orlando Juice in December 1989 - the lone hit coming off Jack Billingham (formerly of the Cincinnati Reds) Like Brian in Boston, I seem to have picked up weird and wonderful alternative league memorabilia along the way - the XFL/Canadian Baseball League/USFL/WLAF - including the SPBA cards (and a fridge magnet I recall)!
  5. Claystation I like the idea of a UNF Ospreys concept - but it does feel a bit too much like the Seahawks to me. To be fair, the NF logo is one that the University use (it is on the front of their 2007 baseball media guide and on the players caps/batting helmets) but it is probably best suited to baseball as it is so similar to the Yanks Ospreys Baseball The Universities athletics logo is OK and includes some red which would vary the colours a little UNF Athletics logo- I actually think a better football logo could be found in the universities main logo as, personally, I like the silver osprey UNF main logo a lot The uniform numbers are pretty nice - the concept just needs some tidying up and a bit of work. Might have a go myself to see what I can do!
  6. Well I think its good to see all of these guys looking so enthused about the exciting new league they are part of.....er......well maybe a little bit excited....deep down....really deep maybe??
  7. Would love to play around with the vector template iggyhood@aol.com Thanks
  8. Thats really beautiful work Nick In respect of a helmet - and speaking personally - I am not sure that you need to necessarily include one as the majority of the pics I can find from the 20's/30's (Jim Thorpe/George Halas etc) show the one colour leather helmet being used. Can't wait for the template to be availbe in .ai so I can play around with it! (Random thought now..unless the template was updated to show a player wearing the uniform and could be holding the helmet something like this: )
  9. The thing with the angle of the arms of the Y has bugged me for ages, but - as nwtrailtrekker says - it is just the way the logo is (check out the Yankees alternate logo's on Sportslogos). Personally - I wouldn't change the hat logo away from the traditional interlocking NY, but do love this logo on the jersey. Good work!
  10. Love the logo - also like the wordmark, think it works well (have no idea how else you could get a wordmark to 'rumble'!!) Great job
  11. Great work - love the grey alternate