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  1. The blue camo for the Padres looks good, fits with being a major naval city. The Phillies one I love as well, it looks extravagant in a way that suits the "out-there" nature of the color rush jerseys.
  2. Great work as always. I love cream colored uniforms, and these look good.
  3. Nice work on the Clippers uniforms! You've turned them from one of the most plain designs in the NBA to one of the most distinctive.
  4. For me, the term "Color Rush" implies more out-there colors, and the Mets could always use their original proposed pink/black or the purple plaid of the 1916 Giants.
  5. Looks a lot like the classic Utah Jazz uniforms, which was probably intentional.
  6. The original Blue Giants uniform looks like the older Cardinals with the red and light blue.
  7. I can see them sticking with that uniform for a single-digit number of seasons, and it would be remembered for making the 1962 Mets even more of a laughingstock. (Ironically, you could use that as a hypothetical to "blandify" the Mets. They stick with the embarassing Payson pink-black for a few years and, instead of their real somewhat distinct and well-thought-out orange/blue NYC colors/homage to the two past NL teams they just clunk into some hurriedly boring color scheme).
  8. Like the stencil font, even if the Fenway green is a little too close to teal for my tastes.
  9. This fits with the theme of the Diamondbacks having weird uniform colors (as do all the subsesquent ones). Nice work with them.
  10. The first brown and red reminds me of the old BASEBALL St. Louis Browns. I do like the Cavaliers/Browns wine and orange the best, but all the concepts are good.
  11. A part of me thinks the 90s Whalers should have something "EXTREME", like a harpoon-wielding man similar to the infamous Islanders fisherman. Great work, though.
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