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  1. Thanks much appreciated! I uploaded the back view Nike Vapor Untouchable template here if you want to grab it. It's not the highest quality unfortunately (900px height) but it works for basic mockup purposes http://www.filedropper.com/backtemp
  2. DC Decepticons would be a catchy nickname, I kind of like it better than DC Defenders lol
  3. Interesting call on the silver I'll have to give that some thought. I actually have a very subtle light grey inner outline on the numbers perhaps that could be a good fit there. Totally agree on the new stadium- it looks like a giant air conditioner! I actually remember reading a rumor when they were opening that they wanted to name it "JetBlue stadium" but the Giants were not on board with the new stadium starting with Jet anything IIRC
  4. It's true, that shoulder stripe they use now is just too much. Especially with the white stripe on green it just looks like the power rangers or something
  5. It's funny I did a post of this on Jets reddit weeks ago and that's basically what everybody said too! I guess I wasn't alone in hoping they would reference this era in their new look. Although I do like the new oval logo it just doesn't work for the helmet
  6. Yeah I agree- the shapes that make up the sides of the W are interesting, it would be cool to see you incorporate that element into the design if you added some jerseys to go with this concept
  7. Love it man that's mean! I hope you don't mind but I couldn't help myself... just wanted to see what it would look like if you teased the eyes out off the W
  8. Thanks appreciate hearing from another Jets fan! I feel like if there's anything we can agree on it's that we all want some version of this era style back to the team. I started off actually like you're saying with the top line but I think it was getting a little in the way with the chunkier block letters- I may go back to it and experiment a little more still though. One thing I realized when putting this together that I thought was kind of cool, the fin needs to sit right in the middle so that it lines up at the same point on both sides of the helmet! The fin element is the piece that I took the most time with, I ended up trying to style it so it resembled a jet contrail like this but so far nobody has caught it without me telling them first
  9. Thanks I appreciate it! You think I should add a flat version in there too to make it clearer? It was a little hard getting the stripes to match exactly in the mockup templates
  10. Tried out a few versions of this - the flat top J just felt a little too static but I ended up liking some of these rounded corners kind of mirroring the contour of the S. The first is my clear favorite, the angles just sit right IMO and have a nice feel of movement which was what I was going for with these letters. 2nd is an alternate with a hard angle on the interior, this is actually the one that is probably closest in terms of feel to the original logo. 3rd is just the first with the top curve matching the bottom of the S. original for reference
  11. Thanks I appreciate it! I will definitely give those a shot... when putting it together at first the hard top left corner of the J was throwing me off, so I'll also try a rounded version and maybe tighten the angle in there a little more too so it gives a little balance with the opposite bottom right corner of the S
  12. Attaching a concept that I was hoping Nike would include when they did the 2019 rebrand. Based this one around a modified version of the classic 78-97 wordmark logo, changing the top "fin" to include a stylized jet contrail/vapor trail (in perspective going right to left). Also I would like to credit user Darth Brooks for his Nike vapor untouchable template used here- I made a back view of this template myself also which I will gladly share with anyone who would like it. Thanks and I would appreciate any feedback!
  13. Those would be Colorado flag colors assuming that's supposed to be a yellow gold
  14. That's interesting about the primary logo... I think I just assumed they tried to make the C look like a staple as a way of subconsciously attaching themselves to the staples center but that's probably reading a little too much into it
  15. Props on the original idea for a WFT rebrand first off- just a couple comments of things that stood out to me: Could you try making an outer stroke on the top logo (under the WBD wordmark) to get rid of those rounded corners? Of your logos I immediately am drawn to A & C - I think B could even work with the stars fully incorporated as well A - it looks like you almost have the Washington monument in there- the look stands out as maybe the strongest on it's own since it's clearly a W but also has the weight of a crown C - I know it's supposed to be a footprint- but what if you tried joining the middle piece together (attach the top snippet) and then maybe pull back the top snips of the outside pair so it sits like mean set of little eyes on top? If that doesn't work there perhaps it might in between the spaces of the W - I'm thinking something very simple like what's in the Falcons logo D - I like this one too, perhaps it could be used with a football shape since it's not too far off... you could even combine the star/stripe details from the DC flag into the top and bottom elements around the W Nice job!
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