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  1. On Watson's patch it says "Fuller" who I am assuming was a QB there for a few years. Anything like a patch that says "Player Last Name" and the years they played on the team would probably work out fine.
  2. I think if only one or two teams did it (BVB and Man City) it would be OK. But the fact that all of the club Puma teams are doing it is what the problem is. I don't mind it in a vacuum of a couple of teams taking it on. But Puma's entire roster??
  3. I think it would be a good idea to do what Clemson does (did) with Watson. Have a patch that signifies who's number it was originally. I don't know if they still do it, but Michigan had also done something similar to that with Devin Gardner.
  4. Ideally, teams could use the "old" kit from last year (i.e. a home from 2020, or away from 2019) and recycle it as a third kit. I know that a lot of team in the Premier League used to do that before 3rd kits became more customized and common.