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  1. Absolutely amazing to see. As a gay man myself and someone who's grown up/lived in Vegas for pretty much my whole life, I couldn't be more excited for and supportive of him. I just hope that his team, the league, and the fans will be as supportive. So proud.
  2. To be honest, I dig the whole subtle gradient/soft shadow/rounded corners look. It's definitely in right now, but jesus that taskbar. It's massive, the centered look is kind of weird, and three of those buttons are unnecessary (and by that I mean you could just lump search, task view, and widgets into the start menu or at least make them shortcuts of some kind). Other than that, please please please someone tell Microsoft that Windows Explorer needs tabs. Seriously.
  3. Hockey scorebug, anyone? Normal play Power Play (Blues) Four on four (or any other penalty that affects both teams equally) Quick comparison stat (shots on goal in this example)
  4. This is the other side of what I'm working on, and what would be basic interstitials for each team. These have also been through a bunch of revisions, but I've started adding more texture and gloss into the logos and I think it looks great for now.
  5. Hi all (first thread!) Just wanted to dump a few of the things I've been working on for a while now. I had an idea some time ago to create a whole suite of uniformly designed broadcast graphics -- bugs, interstitials, stat graphics, the whole lot. Here's a few things I've built out: Football This is an older version of the suite, made around last year. It was made in Illustrator and After Effects, and it was definitely a good way for me to figure out a good workflow between the two programs and what would work best on screen and in play. Elements like the down indicator and the clock change color depending on which team has posession. Baseball version without standings version with standings This one is one of the more interesting sports to make graphics for because it's very stat-heavy and because of the bases indicator. This one also changes color; the background of the bottom box and the bases indicator match the color of the batting team and the lit bases match the secondary color of that team (ignore that there's a Royals batter onscreen, I just wanted to see what it would look like in red :P) That's all I have for now, let me know what you think!
  6. Seriously, it could be way worse. I really like the font and the patch on the arm, but why the squashed letters on the name plate?? There's acres of space there! Give the letters space to breathe!
  7. It's alright -- the boxes for the team scores are a bit too big and the team logos are zoomed in too much, but I think it's an interesting look for the current Bally package. The pitch count to the side is a bit weird, as well; maybe put it at the top of the graphic or just under his team? That bit just doesn't match.
  8. Hey, some intern somewhere spent like 10 minutes 5 minutes making this, give them some credit. Edit: oh my god they didn't even center the text why was there no effort put into this at all
  9. Don't know if this has ever been brought up here, but CBS actually had a baseball graphics package built out to match their NFL package in 2013 or so and another one to match the CBS Sports redesign in 2016. The thing is, it was only ever used for softball and college baseball. It's something that I've never seen on actual live TV and it's a rare treat that's really interesting to see. 2013 2016 Updated version of the same bug
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