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  1. these are amazing! the two-color basque flag integration on the away kit is really cool especially since it looks better than the one athletic bilbao did last year imo
  2. bilbao away kit seems super crisp, the 2 color scheme keeps stuff simple and clean; I'd be interested how they look on the pitch though haven't seen the leaked spurs away/third kit brought up here unless I must've skimmed past them. feels like they're far too busy especially for the third kit, almost feels like an overcompensation for how simple their home kit is! https://www.footyheadlines.com/2021/02/leaked-tottenham-21-22-third-kit-to-be.html https://www.footyheadlines.com/2020/11/leaked-nike-tottenham-21-22-away-kit.html
  3. the name majestics is indeed... majestic i'm also a big fan of the color scheme (though i'm definitely biased toward earthy/muted colors) and paneling on the logo. somehow with all the stuff on there it doesn't seem like too much is going on
  4. I really like how clean the Heat ones look especially your showtime one + take on the vice jersey with the palm trees on the side and gradients. That being said, I do wonder how they'd look without the squiggles under the number. It might also just be me but the legacy's a bit too similar to the association (unless that's what you were going for) so maybe something like the Miami Floridians jerseys done some time back would be more unique.
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