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  1. So did the Suns, but that worked out fine
  2. Which would be ironic considering that CAR/EDM was the first SCF of this OLN/VERSUS/NBCSN era and MTL/NYI would bookend that era And CGY/TB was ESPN's last SCF of the previous era
  3. Fill in the blank- Habs/Isles would be the most improbable championship matchup since..................
  4. The forgotten 0-3 comeback of 2011 that almost came to fruition. Everyone remembers CHI/VAN
  5. How DO you play defense on Trae Young? It's basically gotten to the point where he's basically gonna get 30 every night Is there any strategy or is he basically in 06 Wade mode?
  6. That game 3 Laker debacle for PHX seems like a lifetime ago, yet it was just a few weeks back.
  7. I'm just trying to imagine the Music City Miracle: TENNESSEE HAS PULLED A MIRACLE! A MIRACLE FOR THE pioneers
  8. If James Harden has this type of officiating in 2018-2019, the Warriors don't make the Finals
  9. Is this the start of a new golden era for Hawks basketball or will this be a one year wonder ala 2013 Memphis?
  10. If KD’s foot was behind the line and that game 7 shot won the game, would we be saying Giannis also lacks heart or is that just a Simmons thing?
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