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  1. I liked the Lions black alternates of the mid-2000s
  2. What letter grade would you give these 2021 playoffs?
  3. Doug Gilmour in the 70s-80s Leaf unis Philip Rivers wearing the classic powder blue Chargers uniform before they overhauled the look
  4. Italy had a bad track record in big 2010s tourneys 2010 WC- worst title defense by a reigning champ Euro 2012- lost to Spain 2014 WC- failed to get out of a group that ironically had England Euro 2016- lost to Germany on PK's 2018 WC- didn't even qualify
  5. 18 points in 23 games, tied for 3rd overall. That's..... pretty good for a guy not 100 percent
  6. if TB/NYI goes differently, does Montreal match up better with the Trotz Squad?
  7. Seems like just yesterday Vasilevsky was the guy that had to step in for an injured Ben Bishop in the 2016 East Finals
  8. Ross Colton is the least likely Cup winning goal scorer since.............
  9. call me crazy, but I think the winner of game 5 wins the series
  10. I feel at some point, MTL playing so desperate hockey is gonna catch up to them. Is this sustainable?
  11. Duce Staley's last season with the Eagles was their first season with the black alternates
  12. I….. don’t think an 18th place team winning the Stanley Cup would be funny
  13. Technically, the 1942 Leafs that were down 3-0. But that's it. Only 3 other times has a team down 3-1 even forced game 7 (2006, 1945, 1987)
  14. MTL is the Rasputin of hockey. You just can't kill them off. We saw what happened to TOR this year, PHI struggled last year. They are just insanely resilient.
  15. The NHL has managed to have the good fortune of no sweep in the SCF for 20+ years going back to 1999. I think this is the year that streak ends. I just don't see it from these Habs.
  16. in non-Clippers news, Brook Lopez had 33 points for the Giannis-less Bucks last night
  17. The Sharks did play the Devils/Whalers in 1991-92, but it's hard to find photos of such
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