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  1. Here's a little more from another Browns beat reporter: Daryl Ruiterā€Verified account @RuiterWrongFAN 2m 2 minutes ago In addition to possibly re-doing uniforms I've been told # Browns are heavily considering designing new logos (not repainting helmet logo)
  2. Maybe there is hope after all! Crossing fingers it goes back to the traditional look... Tony Grossiā€Verified account @TonyGrossi 11m 11 minutes ago Dee Haslam confirmed to me another full # Browns uniform re-do could be in the works soon as new window opens in 2020.
  3. After seeing them in action this season, I can say that I truly hate these uniforms. They are as bad as the state of the team. The one thing they Browns had going for them was their traditional look - now they don't even have that... what a shame.
  4. Exactly. I have a lot of friends who went to UK Law (and actually a few who went to Louisville for undergrad and then UK Law), and from that side of things, Louisville is the rivalry. Now I don't know how the greater Louisville population feels about Cincinnati, necessarily. But I always thought that, in basketball anyway, the #1 rivalries went Cincinnati/Xavier and Louisville/Kentucky. Louisville (and UK law alum). Not from Louisville originally but Speaking as a proud Louisville alum, ALL Louisville fans consider Kentucky their #1 rivalry by far. Cincinnati, while a rival, is not one we hate.
  5. FYI - Unitas wore #16 at the University of Louisville. It is the only football jersey number retired by the university.
  6. I hope they go with "Northwestern stripes".
  7. Louisville under new Coach Charlie Strong has gone to white facemasks (from red). Word is that he will also be getting rid of the pointed stripe on the helmet and replacing it with traditional striping. As for uniforms, it is said that the new ones will be similar to Florida's (where Coach Strong came from) and/or will look similar to Louisville's uniforms under Howard Schnellenberger.
  8. These uniforms scream "mid major". No thanks. Great stadium, however.
  9. What a crappy change. You could really do something with their colors and mascot, too. Guess I know who I'll be rooting for when they play Army and Navy...
  10. Oh boy, more piping, cheesy side and pant stripes and a templated uniform design. Sucks.
  11. Oh boy, another cheesy Nike template with god-awful piping and jersey side stripes. Wyoming looked much better in the late 80/early 90s.
  12. Those uniforms suck worse than the last ones. Penn State look my ass.
  13. Not a bad look - I was 100% sure they'd go piping-and-sidestripe-crazy. Good move, Wazzu.
  14. What was wrong with what the Broncos had?
  15. Its OK, save for the awful piping on the white away jerseys.
  16. oh boy, more templated piping and cheesy stripes.
  17. They are just wide enough so that you can signal for a fair catch, then run with the ball for a touchdown. Sorry, couldn't help it...
  18. This was a FAR better look for Tulsa than that all-piping crap they now wear:
  19. I personally think this is much better than the crap they wear now. Why they went to all that God-awful piping is beyond me, as they had a beautiful uniform before. Tulsa Football Unveils Throwback Uniforms
  20. Ditch the piping and I'm fine with it.
  21. Stanford looked great last night. Thank goodness they got rid of the unnecessary black trim and went back to the style they were known for. Somewhere, Jim Plunkett and John Elway are smiling.
  22. Wow, those are pretty cheesy and quite hideous. Too bad they couldn't wear their traditional uniforms with these "new" colors. That would look nice.
  23. I'm still trying to figure out what was wrong with the uniforms they had. They now truly look like a lower mid-major program. Regarding FAU, as long as Coach Schnellenberger is there, their uniforms will remain classy and traditional.