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  1. [edit] Should have checked a few pages back before posting
  2. Houston and Air Force are both wearing their colored jerseys. Provides for a red, white, and blue Armed Forces Bowl.
  3. The star will be at mid field for the regular season opener. There will be a ceremony for that, the ring of honor, and the Tom Landry statue that was in front of Texas Stadium
  4. Nebraska is wearing white pants on the road against Colorado today.
  5. 1. Arlington Colts- I agree with this one, even though they are our rivals. "Arlington has worn the classic horse shoe for more than 40 years. It's simple to visualize from the stands and the crisp color sheme shows "old school is always cool." Ironic- since there jersey is very modern, similar to Miami's national champonchip jerseys. 2. Fort Worth All Saints 3. Euless Trinity Trojans 4. Arlington Lamar Vikings- My school. "The Viking has adorned Lamar's helmets every season since the school opened in 1970; the subtle LHS in the Viking head is classy 5. Forth Worth Everman Wildcats 6. Arlington Martin Warriors- Our other rival. The last few years the've had a red/black color scheme, but this year changed to a look similar to the Oakland Raiders, with silver pants and black stripe, black jerseys with silver numbers 7. Grapevine Mustangs 8. Southlake Carroll Dragons 9. Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets 10. Mansfield Tigers Here's a pic of my helmet, so you can see the "subtle" LHS.
  6. the Houston Texans are wearing all blue vs. the colts. looks weird with the texans in all blue with blue helmets versus the colts in all white with white helmets
  7. Also, the Aggies will have black shoes.
  8. The Mavs alternate was also leaked
  9. After the way the played against the Warriors, the Mavericks have changed there colors to pink and a bright purple.
  10. Is what your talking about on the sleeve? Then yeah, that looks like an anniversary logo, but I can't think of an anniversary for the Rockets.
  11. Texas A&M has a black jersey they wore this year vs. Grambling State who wore silver.
  12. This isn't part of the actually stadium, but at Dallas Stars games when the National Anthem is being sung, the fans yell out "Stars!" when the 2 parts come up ("...whose broad stripes and bright STARS...that STAR spangled banner yet wave..."). They stopped that after 9/11, but it started coming back recently.
  13. A&M's is actually one of my favorites. I don't think that's in t.u's colors, it's just a darker shade of the court. Another one of my favorites is Duke. My least favorite one is Baylor's court, with the weird balls on the free throw line.
  14. Becouse of the red numbers?
  15. I wouldn't really say this is a concept, more of just adding more red to the jerseys. Really all I did was change the numbers to solid red, the bills to solid red and added red and white sock stripes. C&C please.