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  1. This thread is so cool. :-P
  2. That Sierra Mist can looks like something out of The X-Files
  3. That was hilarious! I will definititely be watching too.
  4. I was hoping they would update the set/props but still maintain that campy nostalgic feel to them. I think they did a terrific job of blending the past and the present. I wonder how far they went, did they make changes to the big wheel too?
  5. Meh. It's okay, it's not terrible and it is an improvement. On the other hand, however, I can't wait until the next big thing in graphics hits and we can stop seeing everything made so damn overly glossy.
  6. I saw that today too, I thought it was new but wasn't sure. Apparently I was right . I think it's an okay tweak. I actually prefer the new cartoon Geoffrey, with the stars for spots, to the actor-in-a-suit Geoffrey.
  7. woah wtf is up with those blue jays alternates in that link that was posted. Ye gods, this rays look is light years ahead of that retro monstrosity.
  8. I hate to sound whiny but can we move all the stadium talk to another thread. I'm here to read about the Rays new logo/colors, not what everyone thinks about New Comiskey Park.
  9. Those are the exact colors above from their superhero themed "Defenders of the Game" campaign. So I would safely guess that those are the correct shades.
  10. http://www.sptimes.com/2007/09/09/Rays/Pay..._rise_que.shtml - St. Petersburg Times 09/09/07
  11. My favorite was when Satchel was wearing a Browns hat and Bucky had the Cavaliers LeBron jersey in the last panel. I cut that one out of the newspaper and carry it in my wallet to this day.
  12. Not a huge fan of the typeface but the two changes I love are the new football in the shield and the more vibrant blue in the logo. I've always thought the current NFL shield looks like it's been put in the washing machine one too many times and begun to fade out.
  13. What makes you guys think it will happen on the bye week, the newspaper article only says "perhaps coinciding with." Never does it state that it will happen then.