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  1. ^^^I 2nd what this guy said !^^^
  2. It looks like Eriq Jaffe's stuff is gone too. Holy hell I'm really depressed...
  3. I usually don't freak out but what happened to this page ? Or is it being retooled ? Quite honestly, I wasn't pleased with it being relegated to a side page a few months ago so I hope it comes back without having to make three clicks just to get there (I know, I'm lazy)
  4. By any chance were TTF or other font made for these two teams (including sleeve #'s) It's pretty much the last frontier of hockey fonts from an eccentric era. Point me in the right direction, thanx !
  5. Are they using Blue & Gold in case the Chargers move ?
  6. Definitely missing the Anaheim Arsenal here in So Cal...
  7. I just love how ish like this puts peoples' thongs in a knot...
  8. Wait so, why wasn't there an NBA Playoffs logo on any court today ? Not since the '80s has a playoff court been without it...
  9. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/01/31/gov-christie-on-wfan-bring-on-super-sunday/ This picture is such a tease...
  10. How about a Chargers 25 please ? Previous and current sleeves if possible ? Incredible work...
  11. I saw the Ports & Greeneville posts which look great. What I'm looking for is the Lancaster JetHawks (Class A Advanced - Astros) logos and numbers. They just won their first Cal League Championship and is the former home of disgruntled Padre Carlos Quentin.