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  1. They probably just opted to feature a brand actually present in Latin American countries while playing in the CCL.
  2. To be fair, this is a function of poor timing by the Ducks' crew rather than the new Bally "look." I saw this type of tombstone graphic used all the time by the Preds on FSTN, but it was always during a timeout and over a bench or fan shot.
  3. Found this on the /r/baseball post about the new Bally bug: Can't even see the score when MLB Network takes the regional feed. It's all just *chef's kiss.*
  4. As far as the in-game GFX go, agreed to all of the above. Freaking Sinclair at it again. I don't mind the motion graphics in general. It's clean with a bit of shine. But that scorebug/ticker thing is an abomination. The only thing they got right was making the score and clock so big and prominent.
  5. Jackson announced they are "donating" the Ballpark to a local college for the remainder of their home schedule. The release ended with this: "The Generals are finalizing several additional special events for the Spring and Summer. An announcement regarding the Generals’ 2021 professional baseball schedule is still pending due to COVID-related uncertainties." Not a clue what this could entail, of course.
  6. Jackson posted a thank you on their Facebook page to various city entities for helping with a burst water main (I assume weather related). In response to some comments, the team said they have plans to play professional baseball this year but had no firm news to announce yet. Honestly not sure what league they could even join at this point, regardless of their issues with the mayor.
  7. Dark color hockey sweaters with white shoulder yokes look stupid. I want to like the Captials' new alternate, the Avs' navy "Rockies" set, or even the Lightning's original and RR sweaters, but I can't get over the color imbalance that my mind sees. IMO, the only good "dark" jersey with white shoulders is the Pens' 2008 WC sweater, and that's only because its base is such a light blue. The difference in value isn't as stark as the examples given above.
  8. Preds were supposed to wear their RR set on Monday in Dallas (who I think were supposed to wear their all-white RR sets). According to the schedule on Icethetics, Columbus will wear their RR set on Saturday vs. Nashville. Agreed 1000 percent. Probably the first time this Preds fan ever wanted to see the golden domes instead of navy. That said, I was glad to finally see the Preds in gold vs. another team's dark sweater. Personally, I would LOVE to see the NHL go the soccer route of designating primary/change uniforms instead of home/away (accounting for colorblindness clashes, of course).
  9. Pretty sure it's just the lighting in these shots. The grey/silver looked a bit brighter and shinier on TV/social. And as much as I love dazzle fabric (used sparingly) on hockey jerseys, it seemed to show off the adidas golf ball dimples more than any other set I've noticed. Especially true when the pattern doesn't continue down the sleeve. Other overly-critical thoughts: (+) At the risk of sounding like "it's a practice jersey lolol" guy, I've always thought the Preds' current homes were too plain, especially in the shoulders. The previous Reebok set was a victim of the piping epidemic, but at least it added some sort of color balance and visual interest to the upper body. The gold helmets don't help, either. So, these RR sweaters address that issue to me. That said... (–) It kind of feels like they half-a$$ed the "retro" part of this sweater, starting in shoulders. They said this jersey was based on 98, but the skull logo didn't find its way onto the primary sweaters until the post-lockout RBK takeover. Would've loved the return of the "N" tower patch instead of a dead version of the mascot. The skull patch should've used the thicker navy keyline instead of going silver. AND somehow I didn't notice until tonight that they only put the shoulder patch on one side? What's up with that? (Also, I don't know if this is really a (–) or not, but they changed the placement and font of the captaincy patches.) (–) I get that it doesn't make fiscal sense to buy plain navy pants/covers for a handful of games, but the gold stripe and modern "NP" on the pants stuck out like a sore thumb to me. Plus, they seemed to be a lighter shade than the navy of the jerseys on TV. Though, that could've been another fabric & lighting thing. (+) The navy buckets should stay full-time, especially with the comparatively plain normal home jersey. Overall, I do think these successfully completed the "Reverse Retro" mission, but they should not be adopted full-time. Now, if they wanted to modernize the original navy jersey and make it a heritage third like the Sharks did, I'd be down for that.
  10. There is way to much going on here, IMO: Paint streaks, realistic beveled "plastic" renderings, outline mode logos on flat team colors, rotating cubes, and team name the plainest sans font possible. Feels like an El Camino swerving across six lanes of traffic, stylistically speaking.
  11. But the other leagues limit major departures from team brands to special dates and occasions. The NHL RR sets are based on established team looks, and the MLB specialty uniforms mainly tweak caps and jersey numbers. Even baseball's comparatively crazy "Players Weekend" was a 3-4 game set in the middle of a 162-game marathon. Meanwhile, the NBA decided its 2019 champion with a game between a red "NORTH" and a daaaaarrk grey team from "THE TOWN" on a blue and yellow "GOLDEN STATE" court: It makes zero branding sense for a league's crowning moment to look like this. The Finals should never be considered an occasional "opportunity for teams to wear something different." This pervasiveness is the problem. Now, if the NBA wants to dedicate specific days to the City program, I'm down. Let each team pick 1-2 home games per month to show some civic pride. But the Grizzlies shouldn't wear black in San Antonio, and the Finals should never look like the above again.
  12. Betting this is just a PS recolor job. The navy helmet they revealed this week has the proper throwback numbers, while the full uni promo shots they released earlier showed Josi in the standard gold bucket.
  13. Preds are wearing navy blue helmets (with a non-Bridgestone sponsor) with their Reverse Retros, instead of the gold buckets they showed initially. Massive upgrade for this set, IMO. Info:
  14. Preds Gold vs. NSC Radioactive Banana I stand by it.
  15. Not sure many North Carolinians would appreciate "SC" in their MLS team's name if it didn't have to be there.
  16. My wife called it "radioactive banana." Considering the green-ish tint, that description is kind of perfect as this thing ain't ripe.
  17. I don't think I've seen anyone mention this, but Jerry Bruckheimer is part of the NHL Seattle ownership. Considering he's the producer of the "Pirates" movies, "Kraken" makes sense in the same way "Golden Knights" does for Bill Foley. While I don't think "Kraken" is the worst name ever, I hope they go with Sockeye, work with the league to take back Metro(politan)s, or figure out something else. I really like the shade of red they're using on the new site and think it would work very well with "Sockeye" as the name. For reference: NHL SEATTLE STL CARDINALS #FF0000 RED
  18. Colorful and dynamic event identity + plain black-and-white uniforms = the modern All-Star experience. The NHL and NBA have more in common than I thought!
  19. How does the Dallas Stars' "Victory" Green compare? Seems a little richer than the Austin shade.
  20. From the AFL's press release: So this was basically an in-house job.
  21. Correct. That hat & logo were showed off by a local sports radio station on Tuesday: