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  1. 21 hours ago, Survival79 said:

    Update with Austin FC Bright Verde and using colors from the TruColor website.


    Man, I really like that Austin FC Bright Verde.




    Current Sounders Green | Current Seahawks Action Green | 2009-2011 Seahawks Bright Green | 2002-2008 Seahawks Bright Green | Austin FC Bright Verde

    How does the Dallas Stars' "Victory" Green compare? Seems a little richer than the Austin shade.

  2. On 12/27/2018 at 8:08 PM, kmccarthy27 said:

    Baltimore and  Washington are both owned by Ted Leonsis and Washington won the Arena Bowl having only won 2 regular season games. 


    From the AFL's press release:


    The AFL worked with Chuck Kacsur Design, which was tasked to design the new logo with the intention of symbolizing the modernization and revitalization of the League.




    So this was basically an in-house job.

  3. 4 hours ago, AstroBull21 said:

    I think we mightve seen a teaser of the "remastered" Nashville Sounds set to be released later today.  This video of the Titans showing support was on Twitter today with what I assume might be a new hat:


    Correct. That hat & logo were showed off by a local sports radio station on Tuesday:


  4. *** CAUTION: Pure Speculation Ahead ***


    We already know that Memphis' City Edition will be their new grey this season. It just occurred to me that since the day of their redesign, the Grizzlies have been giving away these sunglasses:


    (Please ignore my oddly dusty dashboard...)


    While they've given away sunglasses for a couple of seasons now, they're usually yellow and haven't matched a uniform before. However, my bet is on a grey set with this new "MEM" shipping container mark front-and-center.

  5. 1 hour ago, eRay said:

    They also have all the Noches Ene-Be-A designs up on their site. I think they're the new designs because the Nuggets shirt is in their new team colors and Grizzlies shirt has the new logo and typeface, but maybe some of these are older.


    Why does the NBA insist on such a lazy approach? Every single one of these team names either (1) have a proper Spanish translation, like Toros for Bulls, or (2) would be the same word in Spanish because it's a proper noun.


    Is this a licensing issue? They don't want to/can't register "Sacramento Reyes," so why bother? I may be off base, but I feel like this approach could be considered offensive.

  6. 1 hour ago, AstroBull21 said:

    Yellow probably


    47 minutes ago, Still MIGHTY said:

    And yeah, if they ever do it, it'd be gold.


    The ACTUAL Conference Champs banner is already gold. If they're going to continue the different colors for different banners route, then they've run out of colors.


    My solution w/o redoing every banner:

    WHITE - Division

    NAVY - Presidents' Trophy

    GOLD - Western Conference

    SILVER (shimmer fabric!) - Stanley Cup

  7. 1 hour ago, Still MIGHTY said:


    Regular Season Western Conference Champion Nashville Predators.

    I'm a Preds fan, but this is ridiculous, borderline embarrassing.


    IMO, the only acceptable banners are:

    - Stanley Cup

    - Conference (PLAYOFF) Champs

    - Presidents' Trophy

    - Retired #'s


    Put all of the Division titles on one banner. Anything else is superfluous.


    Other than the weird and unnecessary grey banner, these do look good.

  8. 43 minutes ago, Mac the Knife said:

    That said I'm in favor of pro/rel in all sports, not just soccer.  Let the likes of the Orioles fall to AAA ball based on their ability to compete on the field or the likes of a Peoria Rivermen (or whatever) rise to the ranks of the NHL.  Put provisions in their governing documents that allow a team that wins the right to "move up to the big league" to keep its player contracts, instead of being beholden to their Major League counterparts.  Let chaos reign!


    With the exception of maybe hockey, the only sport in North America that could do pro/rel is soccer. Baseball is structured for development inside 30 organizations, so letting the O's drop to AAA while moving the Memphis Redbirds up to play at the Cardinals' level would make zero sense. Basketball and football have basically no minor league system (excluding college ball) and no real competition.


    Hockey could work if affiliations between NHL and AHL/ECHL teams were dissolved, but for the love of all things holy, don't allow Peoria of all teams to move up. That media market already thinks they're God's gift to hockey.

  9. 5 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:

    I still need to see how it would look on a stitched logo patch that goes on jerseys and caps, but I really like how the M-crown is strong enough to be used by itself, which would look great on caps and shirts, and I can't get over how well the neon-effect is pulled off with the use of line breaks.  That's a lot harder than it looks, and Simon nailed it.


    The logo works pretty well embroidered, IMO.

  10. 3 hours ago, oldschoolvikings said:


    This photo in particular is infuriating. Either the dumb shoulder yoke or the dumb pants stripe needs to have the colors shades of grey/silver flipped. That kind of inconsistency makes less than zero sense in a monochrome set...

  11. 1 hour ago, Buc said:


    This shot in particular makes me wish they added grey pants, and maybe even changed the numbers to grey or Columbia.


    1 hour ago, Buc said:

    - This by way of my nine-year-old son, but upon seeing the Titans' new uniforms, his words: "Those are ugly. I like the older ones better...those were cooler." (Looks like I may be raising a future uni-nerd of my own!)

    Smart kid! Go ahead and get his CCSLC handle set up now.

  12. 3 hours ago, oldschoolvikings said:


    I disagreed with all the hate for this....




    but I think I'm going to have to agree with (most) of the hate for this...



    Echoing this thought. Yeah, last week's look could benefit from a pant stripe, but the emphasis on teal saves the look on the whole.


    To extend the pizza metaphor, this week's white-from-the-neck-down set is:


  13. 4 hours ago, zigbazah said:

    When I see a guitar, I always think of Nashville. And, yeah, I know the RRHOF is in Cleveland. 

    You should only think of Nashville when you see an acoustic guitar. Whereas this style of guitar should evoke a city with a rich history of rock and Memphis. :P


    The logo is okay. The angles are weird, especially the "Cleveland" mark against the already slanted guitar shape. The placement of the is always unfortunate. What really redeems this identity is ALL of the type and supporting art. Especially love the animated stitches and the bat-shaped frets.

  14. Today, the Grizzlies (temporarily) installed some new banners in the FedExForum plaza:



    Then they sent out VIP invitations to an event this Thursday:



    The number font in the above graphic appears to match what their G-League Memphis Hustle squad wore starting last season, which I endorse 100 percent.



    Late last week, they parked three storage trailers in the middle of the arena and painted them dark grey:


    So it looks like the Grizzlies will finally (officially) reveal their new look.


    Random Thoughts: Based on the way they're using that new |||E||| (MEM) mark, I almost anticipate a parquet floor design. Plus, the emphasis on the northwestern art makes me wonder if they're going to venture into throwback territory this season...?