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  1. There's just so much going on...

  2. @fessiejant You are a radiant sunflower with the power to move mountains!!

  3. @Smashville_Wins Specifically, the Chitaco Blackhawks.

  4. @Smashville_Wins Specifically, the Chitaco Blackhawks.

  5. RT @UnboxTherapy: NEW VIDEO - This 3D Audio Experience Will Blow Your Mind (Wear Headphones) - RTs Appreciated! htt…

  6. They have not. Which makes it doubly odd that they created versions of the mark for use on gold vs on white. Like, totally re-colored, not just different keylines.
  7. Don't get your hopes up on Bauer partnering with any league anytime soon. From last October:
  8. RT @davelozo: Michigan-Ohio State — It's Alabama-Auburn Only With Nothing On The Line™

  9. Then why fight against #NetNeutrality?

  10. @jaytice So I'm giving you 24 extra days.

  11. I really wish @JohnKasich would formally leave this party.

  12. @jamesmarkyarbro

  13. Well, this has been the craziest week. So thankful it's finally the weekend! *looks at calendar* what.

  14. #Preds

  15. Did I really just see an attempted hockey fight between Joey and Pavelski? #Preds

  16. RT @wyshynski: Me when this game began vs. me now #WorldSeries

  17. .@redbox No.

  18. I'd like to see Harden try that on skates.

  19. @largebill68 @kelly_belly91 @persist_m @jaketapper @ClayTravis @CNN That doesn't make Travis' comments more relevan…

  20. Got 'em right where we want 'em. #NLCS #MostDangerousLead

  21. Their normal $5 or whatever pizza is standard round with wedge slices. The deep dish ones are square.
  22. Why is uploading a video to twitter dot com such a pain in the butt?

  23. My connection with team claims it'll be the MLK jersey. They were revealed September 2016 and were first worn back in January: Part of me would like to see a gold jersey set, but their banding unofficially relegates gold to a tertiary color (except during the playoffs with Growl Towels).
  24. You already have (minus the sleeves):