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  1. Nine more. #FlyTheW

  2. Ten more. #FlyTheW

  3. The Preds' broadcast has been using the shot counter tonight, and it nearly doubles the height of the graphic. Not a fan. Also saw this setup while they ran an (enormous) ad for Chevy. I much prefer this smaller box with just the abbreviations. Pardon the crappy photo. EDIT: So when there's a 4-on-4 situation, the bar gets LONGER, putting that info and clock to the right of the game clock. Ridiculous. Love all the supporting graphics (bumper scores, player comparisons, lower thirds) but the hockey score bar is just ham-fisted.
  4. That's not great... Any clue how the PP display looks?
  5. So the Division and LCS are sponsored this year? Can't say I'm a huge fan of that... Also, how much more money did T-Mobile have to shell out to make sure their logo was in the signature fuschia?
  6. Looks like the new Fox look will be used in regional basketball broadcasts. Really interested to see how it transitions to hockey, normally a box bug in the upper-left corner.
  7. RT @pattymo: This thread takes a truly wild turn at the end

  8. @Cubs Extra point is good!

  9. << joke about hugh hefner and "standing at attention" >>

  10. Grizzlies posted about their new video board last week. Just realized they gave us a sneak of the new court as well: All-navy lanes are confirmed, as well as the proper coloring of the baseline wordmarks.
  11. A Facebook friend shared this post from Breitbart. No one tell them what their "billionaire" POTUS said about POWs,…

  12. FWIW, the Preds' new away look does not feature sock stripes that match the sleeves: I was very hopeful for this set in particular, but I'm not impressed. Both the home and away looks suffer from a bottom-heaviness. Basically ALL of the navy is in the pants area, which makes the uniform unbalanced IMO. If the gold jersey were worn with navy helmets again, it would look better. If this white set had thicker blue stripes (and ironically, gold sleeves stripes instead of elbow-down cuffs to match the socks), it would look better. As a Preds fan, I want to like these jerseys. I just can't. And I'm almost 100% certain this is purely the fault of team ownership, not adidas.
  13. @lovelyminda But the first thing I noticed was my screen wasn't as bright. Like, even at 100% brightness, which I never use. It's so weird.

  14. Bears @ Wrigley Field Northwestern played a game there in 2014-ish vs. Illinois
  15. This seems like a good rule to have. @SenatorWicker @RogerWicker

  16. While I "know" Memphis is getting a new/refinished court, don't count on this being 100% accurate. I've never seen the wordmarks colored this way on navy blue, only the inverse: I wish there were some gold involved in the new/2K court, it is a clean, no-nonsense look.
  17. RT @TheWilderThings: In The Air Tonight was playing in a coffee shop and I watched a mother take her baby's hands and do the air drums and…

  18. @treblaw this new iphone looks great

  19. Is this the unpopular opinion thread? FSU's main problem is the drastic contrast between the garnet and gold/beige. If the Titans did go all out with a pattern, it may look fine with navy and "luv ya" blues.
  20. Looks like center red features doubled-up warning flags, which should make some folks here unnecessarily happy...
  21. Any clue what this mask looks like from the front? Problem: solved.
  22. It's less about the proportion of the colors and more about distribution. Nearly all of the navy is on the cuffs and hem, which makes the sweater itself (AKA, the piece that sells) look super plain. Move that blue on the elbow or shoulders, and it would look more interesting. Agreed that the full uniform looks good with "just enough gold."
  23. Well, at least the adidas bootlegs look marginally better than the Reebok bootlegs...?
  24. Frozen Faceoff is a pretty good resource for this, along with scoreboards. Uses graphics instead of photos, but still an extensive collection.