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  1. IIRC, Brett Saberhagen was starting that day for the Sox when the white hats made their debut...

    I have one of those white hats. Signed by Jason Varitek too. I was sitting behind the bullpen at about..11 or 12, and after he was done warming up the pitcher, I got to get his autograph. I liked the white hats, but it doesn't work. The Royals had a nice white hat for a year or so, though.

  2. Let me see, hockey jerseys are being infused with a shiny, plastisized material, designed to bead sweat.

    How much do I want my sweat to bead, when I'm hanging out with friends at the pub, hoisting a ice cold Molson? How much do I want my hockey jersey to shine?

    Hockey jerseys over a pair of jeans at the local bar, is a tradition where I come, and a great looking one, in a casual friendly place. Now I am being asked to wear something semi-plastic that clings to my body like Speedo material.

    The NHL doesn't get it. They bow down to every corporation that wants to throw money down and try something "new" with their game. This is their latest two-step in this dance.

    The most ridiculous thing of all of this, is how much damage control the NHL has gone into, as letterform rightly notes. The league is in a serious stage of atrophy and teetering on financial collapse in several markets, with a TV deal worse than soccer, and losing in the ratings to poker tournaments on ESPN2.

    So Bettman's reaction to this crisis, is to weave bits of plastic-polymer into the thread of the jerseys and start selling "space jerseys" at 300 dollars a shot. Then they unveil this new idea, with some of the ugliest all-star jerseys ever seen by the eyes of man.

    When the fan reacts negatively, they spin the thing all over their website, CBC and Versus, in an effort to brainwash us, that we love these jerseys, because they are "cool".

    Meanwhile, the real issues challenging the sport go unaddressed and continue to fester and die.


    Damn straight, sign me up, I want this Robespierre of a commissioner out of hockey.

    Yeah man! Fight the power! Seriouslly, the NHL has been messing up pretty bad. This will probably end up like the new NBA ball. Gone in year or less.


    Was Moog the first to do that kind of golie mask design. (Bottom one). Because so many have ripped him off if so.

    I had that Potvin mask when I was a little younger. It broke though. I wonder if I still have it. (Blue one).

    Ollie the goalie still rocks. I heard a few years ago during a game, his mask costs $2000. looks sweet though.

  4. It's a little too bland compared to that amazing logo they have.

    I had something a little more crazy before, but I decided to keep it kind of simple. Ooops, I forgot to change the inside of the jersey color... :wacko:

  5. oilersaway.png

    I know it can use a little bit of a touch up, but this is what I did tonight. It's been a while since I did one, so tell me what you think please.

  6. I've tried Bagwells, also Julio Franco is a fun one to try. And I would have said this regardless of Pucketts passing, but his leg kick... I always tried.



    Ha, that was actually allmost exactly like my stance in little league. I remember all the kids saying that I looked retarded. But it worked.

  7. Yeah, this is ugly. Wouldn't Nomar make a better 2nd baseman than a 1st baseman anyway? I don't think this is going to happen, but you never know, the Yankees probably will pay him soo much more than everyone else. It's sad to see how things have gone for Nomar over the past few years. From the press saying how he ruined the Red Sox, and how he doesn't care about the team, to all the injuries. Asks the this once great player still a hall of famer?

  8. The concept looks nice, and I defintely love the diagonal letters. But making a whole new color set has an alt doesn't always work. The goalie pads will look weird, being all black and gold, while the jersey is all blue. You should stick within their colors.

  9. After reading all the negative things on the Bruins side said about this trade, and all today talking to people, I realize I'm just about the only person who likes this trade eh? Has a huge Bruins fan, I have to say, I love this trade. Not only because they just shutout the best team in the NHL. But because this makes them a faster, and more better off team. With more weapons, not just one really big weapon. I like this trade.

  10. How bout' Kevin Brown punching a wall and breaking his hand. Then when asked why did you use your left hand and he responded 'I'm not stupid.' Or if he's a left handed pitcher he used his right hand, I forgot. But I think it's right.

  11. Personally, I don't think what he said following the bolded part changes anything though. What he said basically just said Boston fans are like most fans. I'm sorry, like PCGD said, I'm not gonna deny how good Boston fans probably are, but St. Louis fans are with you no matter how much your struggling, and 99% of the time that's appreciated. So, to suddenly make those comments that it's better for fans to essentially treat players in a bandwagon style just kinda upsets me.

    You don't think Red Sox fans stay behind their players when they are struggling? 86 years of the whole team struggling, you think every city would stay behind their team for 86 years of losing? Nobody in Boston is not behind Rentiria now, sure he didn't do has well has we expected but nobody is not behind him. This isn't New York, he is a Red Sox now and real fans are behind him 100%. Look at Foulke, he has been doing wiked bad so far this year, atleast for him, did he get boo'd off the field like Rivera in New York? No and Foulke is doing worse and Rivera is supposed to be an idol in New York.

    Sure there are alot of bandwagon fans now for Boston but they arn't even real fans. What made the Boston fans so great before the world series is that all the fans they had were real fans, that would stick by their team no matter what happened. Now they won and everybody tries to act like they always loved the Sox. I know I am getting a little off topic here eh?

    Anyway, there are no bad feelings toward Rentiria now in Boston now. Has for Schilling, he's always been like that. He will say what he wants to say, and he wants to say alot. Most of you probably never noticed because he's never been in such a big market team in Boston.