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  1. I found the actual logo, it wasn't a photo, but the actual artwork. I kept the design the way it is for nostalgic purposes, but I recoloured it to match the jersey. This was originally green and gold. Technically, this isn't the original artwork. I used a bunch of old reference photos (which weren't that easy to find) and approximated the look as best as I could. Then I cleaned up some of the lines and detail (like the fins and stick tape) to "modernize" it to a certain degree. But it's close enough to the original that I wouldn't want to to claim any artistic license over it. I actually love the color set you're using for this, it fits the location quite well.
  2. I agree with this. For years I designed and coded under the banner "W├╝rldwyde Designs" at wurldwyde.com, which looks and sounds catchy, but is more of a bother than anything. Since it's not spelled phonetically, I would always have to physically spell the domain for people, or at least have them ask me on more than one occasion for the url. Owning your full name url (especially a surname) is not only a valuable web property, but easy to remember for those who know you, easier to brand your work with, and looks a lot more professional.
  3. Haven't posted here in quite some time, but this is a good idea for a thread. Name: Ken Chernoff Portfolio: http://www.kenchernoff.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/kenchernoff
  4. To back up chestnutz, the secondary also looks similar to a concept I came up with several years ago, so the idea to come up with a ball/mountain rendering is very natural to make. I like your take of only having the single line of stitching on the ball, it tightens the logo up vertically. And I think the primary is quite sharp. Not my favorite font, but it works.
  5. I know the name of the place that made the crests. I'm sure they still have it programmed. But I like the way you think.
  6. First off, here's a little background about the logo and uniforms I did for the Golden Xtreme last season. http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?sh...=20985&hl=kijhl Earlier today, I found out that the team had been sold, and were going to undergo yet another name change for next season. Seeing as Bobby Hull (yes, that Bobby Hull) is part of the new ownership group, the team is being appropriately the Golden Jets (no doubt at Bobby's request). After contacting the team president this afternoon, I found out that the team plans to go with a red/blue/white color scheme (vintage Winnipeg Jets design), and have already got a logo in place. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed that my hard work got discontinued so quickly, especially after the 3 months of back-and-forth concepts I sent, and the positive response the uniforms got from the town and the league. I just wish the previous owners had passed my info along, so that I could have come up with a new design for them. The good news is, I may still be able to maintain a working relationship with the team, since they will likely need a new website, and possibly some print media for programs and advertisements. So now that the Golden Xtreme have been laid to rest, I can take solace in the fact that one of my designs made it onto an actual team. I even have my own jersey to remember it by:
  7. Without question - The Florida Panthers (NHL) need an updated look.
  8. Your concept sucks because you didn't acknowledge me, ][-man. Actually, it's quite solid. Very traditional. This would make a great alternate jersey if you replaced the winged wheel with a scripted "D". That is, of course, if alternate jerseys for original 6 teams weren't completely wrong.
  9. I was playing around with my own Lightning concept the same time Drezz was working on his, and we were bouncing ideas off one another. Below is what I ultimately settled on. I'm more happy with the text being in white, so disregard the logo on the right. This was something I did a couple months ago, and don't have the .ai file to edit at the moment. I also did some quick and dirty uniforms to go with it. I basically ripped of the "lightning bolt" design that a couple of ECHL teams use (Stockton and Toledo, if I recall), and thought it might look cool with this. I would actually prefer a more traditional jersey design, but I wanted to try it out with this concept. Alright, tear it apart!
  10. Overall, I think it's quite a solid concept. The curved lightning bolt needs a little cleaning up, but I know you are already aware of that. It just doesn't give me the impression that it's "striking" anything. I'm actually quite fond of the puck design. Of the three, I think I prefer the first one best.
  11. I can't believe they turned my idea down for this.
  12. It pains me to say it, given that team was my life for a good six months, but you're absolutely right. Trust me, I'm still trying to convince them to let me redesign it. Most of the KIJHL is just terrible, but the worst has to be the Princeton Posse, with their butch-looking cowboy.
  13. They actually did that about partway through the previous season. It was long overdue, I agree.
  14. After the last season, the Coquitlam Express (partially owned by ex-NHLers Darcy Rota, Bill Ranford, and Kirk McLean) moved about 5 miles west and into Burnaby, and apparently with a new logo in tow as well. The old logo featured an angry choo-choo that I personally thought looked ridiculous, and had personally inquired to see if the team was interested in changing logos upon the move to Burnaby. Their response, "We have nothing planned in terms of changing the team's look." Oh well. Here's the old one: Imagaine my surprise when i see the new logo on their website. Looks like they haven't come up with any uniforms to match it yet, as they're currently just using a plain red jersey with black heat pressed numbers. Overall, I think it's one f the better logos in the league. And maybe it's just me, but this one looks like it has the earmarkings of another Flynn creation. If so, quit hogging all the junior teams! I've been trying to keep in contact with the WHL's Chilliwack Bruins too, so hopefully something might come from that. And the new logo:
  15. Was reading an article at TSN.ca tonight, and an article on Bonds displayed the following image. Was this from tonight's game? And what's the significance of it? I always thought Ele Gigante was the nickname for Barry's big ol' bobblehead.