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  1. Some of the top tier Nike programs will be using the new template that Oregon wore last season with the big numbers. I know of one school specifically. And if they are getting it, I'm sure others are too.
  2. As far as WVU goes, it just doesn't make any sense at all that they go as far away from their default uniforms as possible. For years it was always... Blue, Blue, Gold at home Blue, White, Gold away. They have worn these combinations a combined twice in 3 years. If they would go back to this being the default, it would then make it special when they would wear an alternate. Just my opinion of course.
  3. Receivers have a "Zone 6" sticker (for ones that choose to wear them). Running backs have a "Tote Nation" sticker (for ones that choose to wear them).
  4. It had something to do with their strength coach I believe. We made the mini helmet tinted visors for the company that supplied UVA with the minis.
  5. Never thought I would see a mini-helmet topic on here. This is awesome. Shane
  6. Looks like Michigan State has changed their award stickers for this season. No longer a spear inside of a clear circle. Looks like a diecut spear of some sort so they can fit them closer together. Downgrade in my opinion.
  7. It was kind of strange seeing the Michigan wings being metallic (but I liked it). Seems like they got the helmet and unis to match the same shade of maize. But now all the Adidas accessories (gloves, etc.) don't match. Anyone ever hear if award stickers are confirmed for them?
  8. Very sharp! A similar, local helmet, Southwestern HS in Hanover, PA. The team above me in the metallic royal blue helmet, what team is that? We made decals very similar for a customer and never knew the name of the school. Thanks.
  9. HGI has been known to do High School helmets too soooo Then mentioned it was Orange You can make out a wishbone C or Georgia G I don't think this is a collegiate helmet, or at least not a D1 college. Are you sure it is not a D1 helmet. Look at a comment from HGI themselves. It says HGI ( Hydro Graphics, Inc. ) Can't say who they belong to but they will surely be on TV this fall! Judging by what they said, OK State or Oregon State. The civil war is always nationally televised, and OK State has been becoming a bigger program in the past few years. Oregon State just went through a rebrand. I doubt they will have already gotten new helmets after that. Ok State still doesn't explain the G. I brought it into photoshop to see if I couldn't clear up that decal a little. Which made me think it was even more of a G. But honestly, no guesses on a team. Is it possible the coloring process on the chrome helmets is multi-step and these will eventually be red Georgia helmets? The single stripe even matches Georgia's helmets. The helmet is intended to be orange. That's why the post said "Orange you glad it's almost football season?" Besides, all signs seem to point to Bishop Gorman. This seems to be a chromed out version of their helmet in the above pic, which has the same G and single stripe as Georgia. yea if its not Bishop then color me surprised im not a fan of chrome finishes usually but this one looks cool. more importantly, id love to see those kids seeing the helmets for the first time. they're going to flip out When I first heard, my first thought was Gorman. My cousin played football for them for the past three seasons, and they've always had the money for top notch uniforms... That Fertitta money!!! I'm assuming Bishop Gorman as well. Especially since they've used HGI in the past (the one with the Utah State"like" finish). And they use the Georgia G. And they are on ESPN about twice a year. Shane
  10. Can't tell difference. It appears that the red center stripe is thinner than previous year's helmet. Shane
  11. I thought they wore that last season?
  12. Those endzones are magnificent. I agree. I really like those endzones. The new field looks 10x better than the previous field: This looks very similar to the guy on this site and his re-brand of Wyoming. They should have paid him a ton of money for his designs. Loved them. Anyone remember who this was or where I could check out that work again? I remember he changed the logo slightly and updated the font. Design changes were subtle and even had a little backstory. Great presentation.
  13. I think a gold white gold will be a sharp look.
  14. Is the facemask on WVU's matte yellow helmet black too???