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  1. I like it. Sports is a business. Get all you can.
  2. My point isn't even that he's fat, I just figured I had a chance of being right and I was. He could have been a skinny guy who's never played and my argument would be the same. Who is King and why are his views on football in high demand.
  3. Who's Peter King. Prolly some fat guy who never played?
  4. The problem is that their clergy leaders are older and hold on to more traditional "family values." The parents (i.e. Immigrants) are then told, by these leaders, to irrationalize gays and to spread those beliefs to the kids. Of course, your parents are the biggest influencer of how you judge others in the future, and for some of these people's offspring, they tend to follow their parent's suit of being anti-gay. But Gen X, Millennial and Gen Z Latino-Americans, as are most youth, are mostly open to gays being given the same civil rights as other people. Give it a generation or two to see if Catholic leaders will begin to tolerate the rally cries of gays, or at least denounce all forms of harassment of pro-gay supporters.This makes the current Pope the big exception to the rule. Other leaders before him (especially Pope Benedict XVI) would put forth the effort in quashing such pro-gay movements, and embarrassing same sex proponents. Pope Francis, however, does disagree with their positioning (understandable), but respects those opinions and will allow pro-gay supporters to voice their cause, even to the face of Catholic leaders. https://www.catholicvote.org/did-pope-francis-say-homosexual-behavior-is-ok/ Well, the Pope says that you have to be a believer and you're A-ok. He sure doesn't appear to care about gays who aren't believers. There are probably better examples of people who accept everyone who is gay, not just those who share the same religion (many of us on this board, including me, would come to mind.)Good people are good people with or without their religion, and it's nice to see that many of us feel that gays should have equal rights, regardless of religious beliefs.
  5. Lack of city pride by having the nickname instead of location on the away jersey doesn't make sense. These teams couldn't give a :censored: where they play; they have whatever location or nickname on the jersey to sell more and make more money, and would bolt to another city that will throw hundreds of millions of dollars at them for a new stadium.
  6. Bamboo wouldn't flex.No? Nice! Well that's also like 30 feet long. Not sure if you're being serious or funny, but there's plenty of bats made out of bamboo - or like mine, which has a bamboo handle (since the bamboo is harder to break) and maple barrel. Also, bamboo floors are pretty hard! Well, it was just a facetious remark at the weird rendering if the bat. I just figured bamboo stalks were flexible. Someone should save this and use it in a lesson plan on how ridiculous, conversation derailing arguments happen on the internet: "That's bent like bamboo" "bamboo doesn't bend!" "I'll PROVE to you bamboo bends" "Well maybe THAT bamboo bends but MY bamboo doesn't bend!"Anyway that mascot is genric and boring -- they should have used something more unique like Ivy, a stick of gum, or idk .. something else ..... a cub for the Cubs is too obvious Gummy the Bear or Ivy the Ivy.
  7. I don't care if it looks handwritten or if a machine did it, just give me a wordmark that looks good.
  8. These suck. Devoid of any good qualities the previous kits had. Number font can't save these.
  9. 10 years into his career, Donovan McNabb had no idea that games could finish tied. It's entirely possible that Colstion is clueless.
  10. In what world is Eli Manning easier to root for than Tom Brady? The world outside Philadelphia, Dallas, and Washington.... I kinda thought that with his stupid smirk and the way he complains all the time that he was pretty universally hated outside of New York. If anything, I didn't realize that Tom Brady was hated. I totally get "jealousy hate", but that's more of a hate born out of respect. Eli I always just thought that people considered an ass. My disdain of Brady goes far beyond "jealousy hate". I love how he speaks all respectful to the media when in reality, he's a complete jackass. He constantly is yelling and screaming at his O-line. I will always remember his smugness when he answered the quote of Plaxico Burress saying the Pats would only score 17 points. Plaxico gave them too much credit. They scored only 14. Eli, on the other hand, seems like a pretty decent guy. Sure, the draft day complaining was a bit much but that was about 10 years ago. I would invite Eli over for dinner before 'Tom Terrific' any day.So what should Brady say? "I agree with Plaxico, we'll only score 14."
  11. Cool. A real NY team, unlike the :censored:ty, irrelevant Cosmos. Good to see how they're being built; hopefully NYCFC does well.
  12. "They also get a Ryan that will bring leadership to the lucker room."
  13. Sadly I doubt that... What's with those sevens? I don't think they do anymore (and if they don't, then I don't know when they changed), but I thought the sevens, at least when Bourque was on the team, were serifed.