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  1. "They also get a Ryan that will bring leadership to the lucker room."
  2. Why? Sports teams don't represent or "rep" an area, they just happen to play there. Most players don't "rep" an area either, and mos likely couldn't give a :censored: who they play for, and rightfully just want to be paid, so why change teams?
  3. But, hat would only give the bears two stripes on their blue pants and there would still be an inconsistency. Huh? It would be the same blue-white-orange-white-blue stripe from the socks and sleeves, but laid on a blue background. Did you not see my visual aid? It's exactly the same treatment their helmet logo gets: Right, it would be the same blue/white/orange/white/blue treatment, but there are only three stripes. The color layout is the same, but because the pants are blue, there are no blue stripes.Edit: For whatever reason, in the other post you quoted from me, I said two, when I meant three stripes. I'm in phone.
  4. But, hat would only give the bears two stripes on their blue pants and there would still be an inconsistency.
  5. I know that didn't come out as you expected, but still. Man, the Brewers must REALLY suck if one division title and one wild card is all they have to show for 20 years of a commissioner pulling strings for them.The Brewers suck.
  6. "You ever hear of the website, HFBoards? It's a cool website, people post a lot of interesting stuff, especially over the summer, when they're bored..." - Some guy who was talking to another guy when I was eating something.
  7. Didn't click either one, but that's probably the same link that the admiral posted earlier in the thread. He mentioned that one was about bananas, too. Anyway, typical Glendale. I actually know someone who tried to say that the Coyotes made money their first few years in Phoenix. If I remember correctly, some seats in America West Arena only let you see about 70% of the ice. So they were pretty much going to struggle from the start (and then fail) because there wasn't a plan to move into a hockey arena after playing a year or two at America West Arena. Team bled money then, team bleeds money now. Even in their hockey arena.
  8. The top two tweets for Glendale are by Paul Bissonette and Bree Olson. Anybody know of where I can find a replay of the stream?
  9. Pack Jacked. Anyway, here's an example of the invisible stripe being on the jersey rather than the pants like in the previous example. I'd say that this is also perfectly consistent. It's all about perspective. You see it that way, I don't but I understand what you mean. I disagree because the white stripe on the red pants not only begins, but you can see where it ends. On the white jersey, the "invisible" white stripe begins, but we can't see where it ends, which is why I differ here.
  10. Not being a wise guy, but call or e-mail the Wizards and see if they know. This is a great project; I enjoy looking at all courts and hope you can complete it.
  11. Explain why, in the Coyotes' first season at now Jobing.com Arena, their attendance rose roughly 7% from their final America West Arena season?
  12. Anybody know the reasoning as for why this logo doesn't have the triangle behind it, but the one they switched to mid-season does?
  13. Why. Those colors are much more industrial than the throwback colors, which is perfect for a team called the Oilers. The Houston/Tennessee Oilers got away with a supposedly industrial name while wearing powder blue and bright red. I'm not even sure if working on an oil rig is what comes to mind when I think "industrial." I think "auto factory" or "steel mill" before I think "oil rigs." You guys are overanalyzing it. The Houston/Tennessee Oilers' colors and the Edmonton Oilers' navy and copper colors are good because they're just that, a good color scheme, nothing more, nothing less. Has nothing to do with industrialization or whatever, just good color schemes.
  14. Nearly perfect reproduction, but it's missing the beehive trim in the paint: No, the reproduction is perfect. Your picture isn't even from 2000; Kenny Anderson played for the Charlotte Hornets in 1996. Also, the basketball at the top of the key in your picture is different from the one in the court pictured from 2000.
  15. You aren't really covering it though; just posting a link to your website for views.
  16. Yes, this is what they are doing. To be fair, the banners are on the other side of the stadium from the NFL championship ones. I don't know, I just don't think the playoff years are needed. It feels like they just wanted something recent and that's all they could get. Had the banners been up for years and they added 2011, I guess it would be fine. It just feels pointless. As Jim Schwartz said last year, "There will come a time when we don't celebrate making the playoffs". That time was the first decade of the 2000s.
  17. This part of the lyrics is why Penn State banned the song because they want to disassociate from the Sex scandal. Sandusky didn't touch one though.
  18. Sorry Tank, but I really doubt that CC wants to link to a site that, you know, doesn't proofread. He used to. He linked to wikipedia?
  19. Could the numbers from this era look any cheaper? The Champion number font has to be one of the worst ever.
  20. Never said you did. I'm saying that you and your partner Cujo could stand to dial down the cynicism and extremism just a notch or two. For example: "That thing is not coming down. There's still too many delusional Joepologists with too much sway." Really? And you know this to be fact? I get that you two have no faith in the process, but how about we hold off bitching with such certainty about what the NCAA or Penn State didn't do until they actually don't do anything? He's willmorris 2.0, infrared.
  21. But why was football allowed to get so big at Penn State? As always, because of the money it brought it. And therefore the punishment should address the "why" rather than the "how". And where does the money come from? Football. Football and money go hand in hand here. Shut down the football program for a long ass time.
  22. I've heard better jokes from Tank. What you said is right though. Not anything new, but Penn State sucks. More than I think any of us thought.
  23. Dreadful Condensed (the sans serif version obviously).
  24. Those uniforms are bad. I know the yoke went all the way to the sleeve, but because the red breaks up the white (with the rest of the jersey being red of course) and there being no white after it is initially ended by the red, it looks like the yoke just ends at that intersection.
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