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  1. I remember Eric Zeier. I was going to be a Wheeler Wildcat before I moved to the West Coast. I was in 6th Grade when Zeier was a senior. I was suprised his teams ever lost. Marietta whopped up on Wheeler 55-10 & 62-20 in '89 & '90 when we were a Top 5 team in state. I heard once Zier could throw 70 yards sitting down!
  2. Dickinson State(ND) Bluehawks (NAIA), pretty plain jane, we didn't even get stretchy pants till '98 it was horrible! Home's in Blue Away's in White
  3. Let's hope to god Rbk doesn't "Edge" the NFL, I might be done with pro sports all together then.
  4. In High School I was all about wearing different jersey's and hats from teams not in the area (Seattle) so I chose to wear anything that was a team from the minors and was on the east coast. This was the early to mid 90's so jersey's were in and it was right when New Era put minor league hats on every store shelf. So I went above and beyond I. I played roller hockey and I was a Goalie, so I picked up an official Atlanta Knights Manon Rheaume Jersey. People at my high school were like "WTF" who is that? I loved that jersey then about a year after I had it I went to see some family in North Carolina, and we went to a card show in Charlotte. This was right before the internet was huge so I had no clue Rheaume had moved onto the Charlotte Checkers. I saw this mid 40 year old guy who was extremely out of shape and wearing probably a XXXXL Checkers jersey and had a [Mod edit: were those words really necessary?] pony tail. He says to me "hey i like your jersey" and proceeds to turn around and on his back is "RHEAUME" and "33" and I was like WTF was I thinking. Never wore that or any other hockey jersey off the ice/sport court again. And we won't even get into my 1999 Mariners "Seattle" alternate uni with my name and number on it. As if I didn't even learn from my Rheaume mistake......
  5. At the Seattle Mariners pilot store at safeco field, they were selling game worn home, road and alternates for as little as 50 bucks last Christmas. They were mostly triple A call ups for a game or so and then they went back to the Rainiers. I do recall a few bigger names in there i.e. Boone. His went for like 75-100. But for a authentic uni and some cases game used not to shabby. One time I was in Vancouver for a Vancouver Voodoo (talk about a crazy jersey) game and in the pro shop they were selling player used equipment. I clearly remember putting on a Kirk McLean game used blocker and glove and boy did it stink, I didn't even bother to see how much they were selling it for. In Feb. of '06 I was in Billings, MT at the Scheel's and I remember seeing an '05 Mariners batting jersey for $35 and kicked myself for not getting it. Well I was back in Billings in March of this year and sure enough it was still there this time for $10. Even the lady at the counter was amazed. The Scheel's sports stores always have a clearance isle and if you dig through it long enough you can come up with a $20-30 jersey. I'm sure the 2 or 3 story store in Fargo has got an excellent selection in the clearance isle. And Finally my old High School buddy came through my town last week and he loves to hit up 2nd hand stores, and came up with a grey sleeveless red pinstriped vest that said "NADS" on it for $2.
  6. They should just say the heck with all that and make the KINGCO logo the official county logo .... talk about needing a logo make over. The KINGCO logo has lasted for 30 years probably.
  7. Is that a Louisville TPS street mask from Canadian Tire? Whenever I'm up in canada I hit up the tire to grab a mask for another roller hockey goalie in the states. But here is what I'm doin with mine. the straps and buckles suck ass so I had my wife make me a heavy duty strap system like my regular goalie helmet has and I replaced those crappy mask fastners with metal ones, but I had to drill 2 new holes for the top part of the mask to get everything to sit right. I'll post progess as I go along.