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  1. Sorry if this was covered, and more sorry if the answer is yes, but I found this jersey while Christmas shopping, and figured someone on here might know. Do the Flames have any plans to wear this jersey or anything like it on the ice? If they do, the opponents might end up with burnt retnas if they look directly at it for too long. Rob
  2. They wore these last year for their St. Pat's home and home series vs. the Saints. Rob
  3. I love collecting NHL jeseys. Some rare, some game worns, some that I just like, and some I just couldn't pass up. Sometime I'll put a list of my collection up here on the board, but for now, I just wanted to know what everyone else was into collecting/buying. Second question: Is there a jersey that you have that you would never, ever part with? Mine is my Joe Sakic Assistant Captain Nordiques jersey, signed by Joe and Peter Forsberg after game 3 of the 2001 Stanley Cup Finals. -> No proofs, no hologram stickers, no COA, no way I'd ever let it go. Discuss amongst yourselves. Rob
  4. I am a hockey nut. I love collecting NHL jerseys. I love seeing new concepts, new merchandise, and even sometimes new logos, however, I think in the past two years the NHL has gone too far. Originally, the third jersey was meant to give the team a little more identity (read : cash). Now it seems too be solely about cash. That's fine. They want to make money, and they do give fan's a choice. My problem is that new or newer fans are going to have a tough time figuring out what the heck is going on. Example. A novice fan who is a friend of mine once asked me "How come Atlanta has two NHL teams? Why, I asked him, would you think that? Well, what had happened was he didn't realize that the Thrashers were one team with two vastly different jerseys. OK, I like what Atlanta did. It was fresh, hip, and new. Now a days, however, it seems to be going too far. I think some teams are putting out too many jerseys that are too different from eachother. I think that the addition of some of these "vintage" jerseys only adds to that. Well I have a lot more to say, but I am pressed for time. This is my opinion and I'd like to hear all of yours. One favor though. I'd prefer people not BASHING on EACHOTHER. It's one thing to hate the jersey, but let's not all act like Boston Red Sox fans, please. Rob
  5. A friend of mine is a lawyer in NJ, but has some idea of what laws are in most states. I don't know if this is from his own knowledge or from speaking with associates more knowledgable on Georgia law, HOWEVER, what he told us was that looking at what Heatly's charges were raised to, he is looking at a minimum of 3 years in prison after what will be a fairly open and shut case. does not take into account what he's going to have to live his life with on his mind every time he drives. Chris was right. What he did was stupid, however we are humans and very often do do stupid things. THese guys are paying a hefty price for reaching a speed most of us most likely have driven at at some point in our lives (you're in a rush, you are having fun, you're just goofing around, maybe racing a friend...) The Snyder family will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. So will Heatley and his family. Rob
  6. Flames New Jersey Yes, it is on eBay, but this guy is a very reliable seller. Rob
  7. Here's my two cents. I was in Albany this weekend for Siena Hall of Fame weekend, and our Alumni lacrosse game, and I picked up an Albany Attack jersey. Pardon my French, by "The San Jose Stealth?" You have got to be f-ing kidding me. The name, the logo, and no offense but the area??? NOT LACROSSE. I'm out. Rob
  8. I actually agree with you 100%. My least favorite of the jerseys is the one with the "actual" logo. The cheesy "Vegas" font is very cool. The jerseys have that very cheesy Vegas 50's feel, and I'm diggin it, cool-cats! The dice are my favorite. Maybe off the bat the team will retire #7 and # 11. Possibly even #21. He, he, he. Rob
  9. I am supprised this one was even signed by the player. Rob Poor Turco... must have needed the money, eh?
  10. I am 6'1" 180, though in shape and athletic. I have an authentic Sask Roughriders in a 48 that is tight, especially in the arms. I also have an authentic NY Jets from Pennington's Rookie year in a 48... and it kinda floats on me. My point is that it depends on the manufacturer and the year. If is selling authentic Reebok jerseys, I'd go to your local store and try one on. Then order. And yes, the style of the 49ers jersey is different now than when Rice played on the team. More black; slightly different font I believe. No one should notice off this board though. Rob
  11. Well STL, I am looking for something about the size of your average sheet of computer printer paper; or about the size of the logo crest. Again, any help would be... well... a great help. Thanks, Rob
  12. Yeah, actually, I think that might have been the situation. It seems the owners never understood that you have to advertise a team in order to have people know about it and show up for games. They were not very in touch with the community like the Long Island Lizards (outdoor lacross) are. I think it is similar to how the Rock are successful in Toronto, yet the same ownership can't seem to make the Rebel successful in Ottawa. Also, it might have been that as the team kept raising ticket prices, people just decided to stop showing up to games. Rob
  13. Well, actually, there is. The reason is that I am fairly un-educated as far as doing the amazing things you guys do with logos. Honestly, I worked for a computer company about 4 years ago and maybe 15% of what I worked on are still applicable in today's world. I'd be happy to enlarge it and clean it up, and had thought about trying to, but honestly, I just plain out don't know how to. That's why I was coming to you guys for help. Thanks, Rob
  14. Thank you. Is there any chance anyone has one even larger? Thanks, Rob
  15. Just two quick updates about the situations: Nets talk to suitors Wang Wants Nets Back on LI Rob