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  1. Ouch, there goes the Clippers only good player
  2. i think i might go to a game against buffalo(if we have any),sit behind the buffalo bench, and taunt them
  3. i think it should be a federal offence to make uniforms this ugly
  4. "Oh God,help Me Hold My Breath as I Wish for Death Oh Please God Help Me"50 points to who know said that...it expresses my thoughts about these perfectly
  5. A few teams are ditching their third jerseys this year. The Canucks, Bruins - thank god those horrid things are gone - and the Oilers are ditching their current thirds for classic duds. No doubt it has to do with Reebok's league wide redesign the following season. The NHL doesn't want to crowd the market with too many jerseys, so thats why the third jersey program will be suspended for a year. As for Reebok, I hope anyone with an ounce of sense will boycott this company now. It's just not right to force these tucked-in ballet tights on every team club. They've no right to screw with history of teams like the Canadiens and Blackhawks. thank god the oilers are going to classic ones even if their spandex
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen... Your 2006-07 Romford Ice Buccaneers
  7. im not sure about the unis although the helmet is slightly diffrent(black facemask) cool helmets
  8. the sponsor ones are in ugly but the argyles rock
  9. yeah and the devil rays will win the 2006 world series