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  1. I'm just old. Grew up with all the great WRs wearing numbers in the 80's, etc etc.I'll get used to it like I did the WRs in the teens but still...
  2. I hate this new rule so much...
  3. One example from 35 years ago, after the patriots receiver (who’s name is escaping me now,) Had a near career ending injury in 99 players realized it was a meaningless game and not worth getting injured, so they stopped going as hard. Pats RB Robert Edwards, who was playing in a beach flag football game at the Pro Bowl for the top rookies that season. They stopped having the game after that, which in hindsight having guys playing ball in the sand was probably a terrible idea anyway.
  4. I had a fan tell me just a little while ago that it was the players who opted to ditch the gold pants, originally in favor of the Color Rush look, but since the NFL says they can only wear those 3 times a year, some genius somewhere decided that THIS was a better look. Longjohns. Ballet tights. With solid white socks. From what I have seen, literally the only people who think this combo looks good is Saints players and Saints fans.
  5. As a Razorback fan and native of Arkansas, I made myself a Cedric Cobbs Pats jersey to wear for Super Bowl XXXIX. The only problem was that he wasn't even active for the Super Bowl and would get only 3 more carries for the rest of his career. I sold it along with a lot of my other jerseys at a yard sale 8 years ago.
  6. My biggest claim to mainstream fame is actually something I didn't too, but something I put together based on all of the speculation and hints on this board that happened to go viral. Back in 2011, we were all speculating on the new Marlins uniforms, especially after the new logo was released. Going off of that logo and all of the hints that were dropped here by the 2 users that had seen them (and it wasn't much, crumbs really) several of us frequent contributors put together our concepts of what we thought the new unis would look like. I finished mine about a week before the actual unis were debuted and I was the last (as far as I know) user to contribute anything, and...well...I damn near hit the nail on the head. So much so that mainstream news media took my posting here and ran with it as an actual link, despite the fact that the name/number on the jersey backs was "ROBBMAN" & "21". Even the NY Times posted an article online about it. It was everywhere as "The Marlins new 2012 uniforms!" If you Google "Marlins Uniform Leak", the top several images are all my concept, and even though the latest leaks have pushed the 2011 story down the search results a few notches, you can still find plenty of the articles from that time archived online. So there you have it, my greatest national success has so far been only a very successful guess that I thought would never leave these boards and yet spread like wildfire. Aside from that, this season the Louisiana Tech Lady Techsters basketball team will be wearing warm up and traveling gear designed by yours truly, and earlier this year I had a chance to do some new tee designs for Gas Monkey Garage, the Dallas-based auto shop featured on the Discovery Channel show "Fast 'n Loud". I've linked the Google search to my Marlins concept below for those who aren't familiar with it. https://www.google.com/search?q=marlins+uniform+leak&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiiuMG1i8XeAhUq04MKHWkLCn4Q_AUIFCgC&biw=1212&bih=861
  7. So if I understand right, the Rams' will be joining teams like the Vikings and Giants (and Cowboys, of course) of recent memory who had home and road jerseys that were completely different templates.
  8. It's been so long since I crossed over into the Alternate Universe that I forgot that there are rules...THERE.ARE.RULES!!! So with that being said, I re-did the Lakers home unis to truly match what their alternate universe counterparts would be. I also had the striping on the original one wrong. I didn't realize that my main reference pic was an approximate mock-up and not a spec sheet of the actual unis, so went through some game pics to get everything to where it's supposed to be. Enjoy...
  9. Had to Google the Kobe logo just now to refresh my memory on it and at a glance it definitely looks like it. Surprised none of the old school members here have commented that this is the first Alternate Universe concept (from the guy who made it a thing, at least) in nearly 5 years.
  10. Four and a half years since my last concept of any kind was posted, combined with a sick day at home from work, mixed with the urge to create and some basketball guy changing teams has led to this. Enjoy...
  11. Actually the inspiration when I designed that was a shooting star...meteorite burning up in the atmosphere leaving behind a tequila sunrise contrail. So there ya go lol
  12. The NFL laxed shoe rules this season to allow for a player's choice of white, black, or the "team designated color" shoe...navy for Pats, red for Falcons, etc, but it seems the overwhelming preference at least for today has been white. Detroit, Cleveland, and it looks like Cincinnati have all gone white and most of Arizona and Philly it appears have too. I saw a quote from Mohammad Sanu saying he loved the change because he'd never been on a team that wore white shoes but had always wanted to play in white shoes because that's what all teams in the league wore when he was growing up. It's amazing how just changing from a dark shoe to white can change up the whole look of the uni.
  13. Yes it is/was! Good eye! The swoosh-branded shirt just to the left of it was a blank, solid black replica-quality jersey with the NFL shield on the front. I presume it was intended to be a Falcons throwback that was a blem of some kind and never made it the printing phase.
  14. I was able to find these two random oddballs at our local Ross about 3 years ago. Don't see too many Andray Blatche jerseys floating around.
  15. Great job here!!! (and good to see my work from 7 years ago can still inspire some creativity!) I was ironically looking at that concept just yesterday, starting to get that fever to be creative again lol. Looking forward to seeing the next one in the series.
  16. At a giant flea market and resale shop in Hot Springs, AR I've found these two vintage beauties in my first two minutes of being here. The helmet one has a copyright of 1975 on it is notable for the rare Giants "NY" helmet, while the other is 1977 hand along the sides have the two conferences represented by helmets, including Seattle and Tampa Bay, while the Giants is now the familiar underlined script. I'll post more pics if I find anything else of note.
  17. You'd think Lonzo could've at least shown up in shirt and tie if not a suit for his introductory press conference...a hoodie?? Kids these days...
  18. I guess the 34 didn't even make it to mini camp, he was wearing #28 yesterday.
  19. It's October 2nd and I haven't seen anybody from any team wearing pink trim in any of the early games. Sorry if this was discussed or announced somewhere else already
  20. I looked and didn't see this matchup posted, but a Google Image search for Matt Asiata revealed this Vikes VS Jaguars game from 2012, and after a little more thought, I realized that going back to 2004, the Vikings and Jaguars have each had different uniforms for all 3 matchups. This uniform anomaly will continue when they meet again this season as well as both teams have made a change since the last time they met in 2012.
  21. That's it...thank you so much!!! Now back to work lol
  22. Looking for this font "Monroe Police". I've tried versions of Serpentine, Air Milhouse Itc, Sofachrome, and SF Intellevised and there's elements in all of those fonts but none of them is the actual complete font. Need this for a work project so any help is greatly appreciated!!
  23. For what it's worth I've been mildly interested in handing off the NFL's Alternate Universe series for a while now for the sake of seeing it finally get it's due and get finished. I'm intrigued at the thought of seeing what someone else could do with it while following along with the guidelines and ideas that I give them...similar to Lucas handing over the Star Wars franchise
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