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  1. That leak was true. These are an abomination.
  2. Link to video:
  3. I was at this game at Gillette on Saturday and was wonder how the officials allowed both teams to wear white shorts, one with navy trim and the other with purple.
  4. Revs had rainbow numbers as part of their Pride Night celebration. Note the rainbow tree on Carles Gil's captain's armband.
  5. Here's a mockup of what I envision for a gold sock option. Big fan of this, especially as a longtime Bruins STH.
  6. Bolts going powder blue for their primary this year: blue
  7. > FWIW, this came up yesterday in discussions about the plethora of light colored (ok, white) secondary kits in MLS this year Cathal (Conlon - who I'm friendly with) is the Director of Marketing for the Revolution.
  8. Except that really doesn't differential it enough from the standard set. Invert the colors to use orange as a base color and then you can deem it a true alternate.
  9. 23 year Revs season ticket holder and longtime Midnight Riders e-board member here. Do go on...
  10. In other news, per an email I got from the Bruins this morning, they will be wearing their Winter Classic set at home against Montreal on Monday 1/14
  11. Having spoken to the Revs' COO, that's exactly what they are thinking. A full blown rebrand will happen if/when they move to Boston proper. That said, from a fan standpoint, it's beyond frustrating because we have no exact timetable for that and the rest of the league is running circles around the Revs with their branding efforts - and subsequent merchandise sales.
  12. Except Arco was corporate as well. ARCO is Atlantic Richfield Company.
  13. At the time, I was excited for the change because the 74-95 set was the only one I ever knew up to that point. Bought my first ever pro-stitched replica (Bourque) when they came out and I now own 4 in this style. The spoked b, updates and all, are what tied this set to Bruins history, along with the color scheme. But with the benefit of hindsight, they weren't all that great. The names/numbers had one too many layers of color and the sleeve striping just doesn't hold up well aesthetically. Plus, they used two separate styles of 7s (pre and post Bourque trade).