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  1. My condolences to everyone that wanted Olympique Montreal. You got the bastard child of this instead.
  2. Funny how people are all up in arms about seeing a Tim Horton's or Discover ad on the side of a helmet, but have never complained about seeing Bauer, CCM or Reebok there for years upon years. I don't think the manufacturers put the logos/wordmarks there for aesthetics.
  3. (Sorry for harping on this, but it eats at me.) How can you look at the white cuffs and not see that black was a much better option?
  4. Dallas' new RR sweater looks like what happens when you take the stunning 1999 design and suck the life out of it like they did with their 2007 set:
  5. The white cuffs ruin this for me. As a Bruins fan, this is the one I was looking most forward to and the leaks had black cuffs. The color balance is totally off with them here. This was so close to perfection.
  6. My best guesses: ANA 95 ARZ 98 BOS 90 BUF 98 CGY 98 CAR 79 CHI 40 COL 79 CLB 00 DAL 99 DET 98 EDM 79 FLA 95 LAK 89 MIN 78 MTL 77 WAS 98 NJD 82 NYI 80 NYR 96 OTT 92 PHL 95 PIT 97 STL 00 SJS 98 TBL 04 TOR 70 VAN 01 LVK 95 WAS 96 WPG 79
  7. Tempted to say the 92 is indeed Ottawa. I think the missing 98 ones are Calgary and Buffalo. The purple one is throwing me off.
  8. The white cuffs look out of place and with black pants, the color balance is way off.
  9. Similar to when the Rangers adopted the new template and the lettering was narrowed to fit, the lettering on this has been narrowed and truncated to fit. As such, it looks way worse. There was significantly more real estate to work with back in the CCM days and a lengthy word such as "Pittsburgh" had room to breathe. The lettering fit the space nicely. The new version looks like a cheap knockoff, sadly.
  10. Soooooooooooo close. The white accents on the blue jersey are completely unnecessary. Regardless, a marked improvement.
  11. Ajax released their new home kit with that lousy Adidas template as well. And like LCFC, they added a stripe in the extended sleeve cuff that helps out a bit. But that collar treatment (for this template) leaves so much to be desired.
  12. Revs adding sponsors logos on their sleeves as well. As a Revs fan, I'd be more than happy to see either of these replace our current primary sponsor (United Healthcare) for a multitude of reasons.
  13. Liverpool home leak: