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  1. I doubt the Blues build a new arena for atleast another 20-30 years. The STC is stated to get $160 million worth of renovations. Part of the infrastructure work began this past offseason.
  2. 10 years of terrible football will kill a fan base. Also, the Big Red would have never left if the political powers at the time (Vince Schoemel the Mayor and Gene McNary the County Executive) could have played nice and agreed on a stadium. Bill Bidwell left because of the stadium issue, Stan Kroenke is most likely going to do the same.
  3. my bad, didn't use the quote feature correctly.
  4. In the Busch Stadium pic above, In '95, they had to leave the dirt in because the turf cutouts that went in the sliding pits were sticking up too high. They had problems with the automatic tarp on the first base line too, they had to fill it in with dirt because the cover sat down too low.
  5. heres what the Blues banners look like at the Scottrade Center, i'm currious to see if they change the way they are set up now since the SLU Billikens have left the building.
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