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  1. I doubt the Blues build a new arena for atleast another 20-30 years. The STC is stated to get $160 million worth of renovations. Part of the infrastructure work began this past offseason.
  2. 10 years of terrible football will kill a fan base. Also, the Big Red would have never left if the political powers at the time (Vince Schoemel the Mayor and Gene McNary the County Executive) could have played nice and agreed on a stadium. Bill Bidwell left because of the stadium issue, Stan Kroenke is most likely going to do the same.
  3. Wish the Cards would go back to wearing their normal home uniforms in the postseason (no Saturday alts, no Sunday alt cap) like when LaRussa was the mgr.
  4. How else are people going to care about the Atlanta Hawks? Says the person with the Seattle Mariners avatar.
  5. my bad, didn't use the quote feature correctly.
  6. In the Busch Stadium pic above, In '95, they had to leave the dirt in because the turf cutouts that went in the sliding pits were sticking up too high. They had problems with the automatic tarp on the first base line too, they had to fill it in with dirt because the cover sat down too low.
  7. And we are replying to a 6 yr old thread for what reason???
  8. Think the plan now is to wear the navy caps against other teams whom wear red at home. There was a poll before the season started on which caps the Cards wear on the road, Red ended up winning, but there was an option to wear red and wear the blue against teams that wear red. So far they have ended up wearing red on two occasions against other red teams (opener against Arizona and against Washingtion which were both early in the season). They have worn blue so far against Cincinnati and Philadelphia on the road. I think I covered it lol.
  9. To get back on topic, im willing to bet the actual patch the Giants will be wearing will be this
  10. Here is jersey from Labor Day 1999, a special one off jersey made out of differnet material than the bp jerseys of that time
  11. I mostly agree with you. I think the red cap is preferable for home AND road. However, they did lose a lot in terms of consistency. In the recent past, it was red at home (and the stupid BoB caps sundays) and navy on the road. Now, it's the same at home, with red most of the times on the road, but they will still wear navy against red-capped teams and whenever else they feel like it. They should have either kept the navy cap as the road cap or gotten rid of it entirely. This past season the Mets designated their black jerseys and caps as alternates but used them sparingly. The Marlins have their orange cap listed as an alternate, even though it too was used sparingly. I'm thinking the Cardinals are doing the same thing. It wouldn't suprise me if they only wore the navy and BoB caps a few times for a season or two before quietly dropping them all together. It was stated the BoB caps will still be worn on Sunday, and the road navy caps will be worn on sundays, getaway days, against teams with clashing colors, which makes me think they are not too sure when they will be worn. I say wear em on sunday, so you have a set schedule.
  12. Cards wearing the white home uniforms from '82 on Saturday, and wearing the "victory blue" unis on Sunday. Brewers will be wearing throwbacks from same era on Saturday but not Sunday
  13. FYI according to Jim Thomas, beat writer for the Post-Dispatch, the gold pants are history for the Rams. @jthom1 Only 2 jersey colors for Rams new uniforms (blue and white) and only 2 pants colors (blue and white). The gold pants are gone. History.
  14. Looks like they are scrubbing the paint off to me
  15. Imo, Rams need to stick with the blue pants on the road and the white pants at home. And, fix the stripes on both sets to match a little bit better.
  16. i believe thats the old font on the wall in the background, and the new font in the endzone the L looks different
  17. feel bad for the field crews whom paint the logos on the fields those logos especally the Championship logos look like absoulte dogs to paint with all the different shades of silver
  18. Cardinals wear the "Bird hat" every Sunday home game except for postseason play, they wore it on the road i wanna say the first two seasons it came out '98 and '99 i believe
  19. That secondary "Baseball" logo wasn't used too much. If i remember right they used it on the on deck circle and in some of the scoreboard graphics in '98
  20. Bears actually have the new NFC Logo in their endzones
  21. Rams on the road in Detroit so no throwbacks for them either, either gold, blue or white pants though since they have been switching them up this season
  22. dont see this happening at all, especally with the Cardinals and the Yankees, too much tradition well, I got this from a friend who works in yankees marketing, who told me that they talk about an alt every 3 years or so, and apparently hank steinbrenner really likes alts. for the cardinals he said that since jersey sales are slowing, they want something new to make them look younger and cool since they are one of the least 'hip' teams. for the phillies he said they strongly considered it before the world series win and that if they don't win it all again, they would want to add an alt reminiscent of the saturday night special to squeeze money out of fans it could happen i guess, i know the Cardinal ownership was talking about tweaking something with the uniforms around the time they moved into the new ballpark but that has yet to been done, personally i would like them to put "St.Louis" on the road uniforms and leave it at that
  23. dont see this happening at all, especally with the Cardinals and the Yankees, too much tradition
  24. glad the Rams are back to wearing the gold pants at home again and not the boring white pants with the huge ass stripe