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  1. I would guess you could get two very good bodyguards for a day at around $5,000. Even if he pays for his own transportation, he comes out around $19,000 in the black (without a black eye, thanks to the men in black he's hired, who may or may not be black). That's a pretty good daily wage, as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Haven't posted here in a while, but I'm still semi-lurking. I made these a long while back; some super(police)car concepts. L.A. County Sheriff Ford GT: Texas State Police Dodge Viper: California Highway Patrol Saleen S7: Luxembourg Police Mercedes CLK-GTR Back into the shadows, looking at the soccer threads...
  3. Jan Koller thanks you for the age compliment. I actually giggled out loud at that one. Chelsea wore their new home kits today in their failed attempt at a Premier League title, complete with Petr Cech in highligher orange (the outfield already took yellow) with black socks to match his poofy hat.
  4. Liverpool are wearing their new home kits against Manchester City today, it seems. Simplified to the extent of boredom, I think.
  5. That's one crazy goalkeeper is what I'm thinking. Green sock flying in from nowhere.
  6. Inside the collar, which is the difference between Barca's classy detail and DC's conspicuous, out-of-place back embroidery.
  7. Do people seriously not realize that whether you yourself watch anything has no effect on its ratings unless you are in a survey-taking household for one of the ratings companies? And yes, the Super Bowl sucks. I'll be eating junk food and making fun of Eli Manning's head the whole time anyways, so it's all good.
  8. No; neither does anything else. Replace "magicians" with "basketball players" or "pharmaceutical companies" and you get the same answer: They don't need logos, but like anything else that is marketed they benefit enormously from one.
  9. Adidas's new numbers are a step up, for sure. The kits, maybe not so much.
  10. of if you're grandfathered in the Total Choice Plus,like me Hell yes. That's the way to do it. I don't like hockey, but it's always cool to have an extra channel.
  11. Invaluable information on this Subside Sports listing about the differences between authentic and replica Adidas jerseys: Authentic kitroom version. FIVE key details different to the standard retail release. 1. Higher quality Liverpool crest embroidery. 2. CAD-cut style Carslberg sponsor (rather than transfer on retail version) 3. Formotion tag (climacool on retail version) 4. No holographic ID stamp (every retail shirt had these to prevent counterfeiting) 5. Protective panel on reverse of embroidery to help prevent nipple rub.
  12. I bet they're banking on him being Wookiee of the Year.
  13. Steven Ireland, a soccer player, plays for Ireland.
  14. Puma's logo is pretty recognizable; if I were them I would have taken the free advertisement.
  15. I see it more as a 4-3-3 with a tight defensive midfield and wing forwards, but if you say so....