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  1. I think the Browns in Ravens colors is the funniest!
  2. Hehe, Fox Sports is having a rough time in the graphic art department these days. All season, they've been using a sloppy photoshop of Sam Bradford's head on Teddy Bridgewater's body: The Vikings' response was excellent.
  3. Thank you! I'm a map geek, so reading that to start the thread really tickled my brain. I'm proud to say that I didn't check a map until after I made my guess! ... Back on topic, I haven't been too religious about saving mementos from all the games I've seen, but I try to keep something if it's a big deal. For example, I was at the Metrodome for the final home game of the regular season in 1987, when the Twins clinched a tie for the AL West. I spent every last nickel of my allowance on a Kirby Puckett mini bat (which I now must keep above my kids' reach). A friend in school did even better, he went down by the dugout after the game and caught Dan Gladden's batting gloves.
  4. OT, but I had way too much fun trying to figure this out. Where are there three cities relatively close to each other, with this combination of sports teams? Its gotta be Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland, which places you in BC, but not so far East that Edmonton or Calgary would be closer. How'd I do?
  5. Agreed. Sock stripes break up that footie pajama look.
  6. Yeah, the white facemasks do look good. I also thought we might see that white Jets helmet logo from that equipment room video a while back. For this set, make the numbers and trim Kelly green, bring back the sock stripes and we've got a winner.
  7. It just seems so silly - they make a big deal of these special uniforms, then they put a team in their regular road whites. But! The Jets have white facemasks, socks and shoes - color rush!
  8. Who saw this promo shot and thought the Jets would be wearing that nice shade of Kelly green from last year? Nope, hunter burlap it is...
  9. No, Brian, let's not do this.
  10. Ten times better than just plopping the logo over a 50. I know the logo is centered under the 50 here, but because the white space is uneven, maybe replace 67-17 with EST. on the left and 1967 on the right and reduce the font size a touch.
  11. ^ That is nice. You really can't go wrong with red vs blue, that's why I went with the purple vs gold - it's a bit more unique.
  12. Here is the only color-vs-color NFL game I've ever seen - Vikings vs Saints in NOLA, 2002. Despite the Vikings' yellow gold and the Saints' metallic gold, it was a pretty good look.
  13. It seems I stand corrected about the Target Center appearance in Mighty Ducks. I went to the Met Center a lot in those days (Strikers games - we couldn't afford North Stars tix), but I never saw the red seats. Great arena, with no bad seats at all, and when things got exciting the place got LOUD. But yes, no luxury suites. My memory of the scene in the movie was a wide, panning shot of the arena, before the rinkside shot with the players. I remember thinking it was Target Ctr because of the seating arrangement, not the red seats, but I couldn't find a photo of the wide shot on GIS. Plus, major movies were rarely filmed in MN, so they would get a lot of local attention. Another vague memory is reading that they used the Target Ctr because the Met Ctr was not available at the time of shooting. I see IMDB lists the Met Center as a filming location - Also from IMDB - when the kids go to see an NHL game, it's the North Stars vs. the Hartford Whalers. Both teams would soon move down south and later win the Cup. I saw the movie years after it came out, when the North Stars had long since departed, and it seemed like such cruel irony to film this in what should have been their new, modern arena.
  14. Should we know who that is - someone famous?