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  1. Bringing this over from the regular season thread. The Braves tweeted this before last night's game.
  2. I was a Cubs fan until the off season of 2010 (I should really link to that other thread about quitting a team). SOMETHING happened in the offseason that year. I am pretty sure that the team signed a horse's butt to their starting rotation and sold it like it was the best thing ever. I said 'eff it. If they don't care, why should I?' I took a year off of having a favorite team in 2011 so as to not appear to bandwagon the Brewers (in case they turned it around). They did. I declared myself a Brewer fan after the 2011 season and haven't looked back. My ex-wife still can't fathom that I wasn't happy for the 2016 Series win. I was happy for friends of mine who are Cubs' fans, but no joy for me. It sucks that this is happening to you and your favorite team. I take joy in seeing it happen to the Cubs, but not to fans of the team that I "know" or know.
  3. Posted by the Braves before tonight's game
  4. Understood. I've tried correcting that misnomer when it comes up.
  5. Yup. The guy has put up big numbers. Has anyone mentioned that he is 1-4 in NFC Title games? After 30 years of HOF QB play, it's the last game of the year that matters. His record in that game only has 1 W. I don't want to kick him to the curb. He gives us the best chance (currently) to win. He's not the GM, though. Nor should he be.
  6. Understood. It's how Schefty maintains his sources. He is the mouthpiece for certain players/teams, and ESPN backs his words. Only in this case his words aren't supported by the "deal".
  7. Why is it lame duck? He is still under contract to the Packers in 2022. I get Shefty tweeting that there will be 'arrangements' or whatever after this season. Let's not forget that football is a business. 'Arrangements' cost money.
  8. It's not the size of the market, it's the size of the owner in the market. [not disagreeing with you, just pointing out what really matters]
  9. I think it just remains not noticeable in a way that white or brown draw attention. My OPINION is that since gray is the way it always used to be, the change to a color other than gray was done to draw attention to it. If it is gray, that attention isn't drawn.
  10. You mean 'Native Carving image C'. It has no caveman connotations - it was totally a stereotypical native carving. No, not Greek, either.
  11. If you go to the link I posted upthread, you can read about the guy who ACTUALLY registered Cleveland Spiders. He limited it to t-shirts and maybe jerseys. He uses the C-Spider logo that has been posted here somewhere. I say this because this is one of those things that isn't a real issue, based on his registration, i.e., nobody stood in his way, either U of Richmond or Disney, in his registration efforts. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/12/sports/baseball/cleveland-spiders-trademark.html
  12. If anyone has fact rather than speculation about Spiders and any intellectual property issues, please point me in that direction. Yes, I'm being the south end of a northbound horse. Unless this actually exists, we are well on the way to falsely remembering that it exists. EDIT This link even indicates that someone squatted on Guardians last year. I'm not saying this is a squatter issue - I'm looking for actual evidence that there were legal issues regarding Spiders, since that is what a few people have referenced. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/12/sports/baseball/cleveland-spiders-trademark.html
  13. Eh - he doesn't have a blue check. What's his history?
  14. I admittedly haven't looked for it, but is there a source for this rumor?
  15. Yeah - totally what I meant to say. D'oh!
  16. Maybe it's your monitor? I'm seeing blue not green in the crest.
  17. Have we talked about how that tail mimics the Ravens logo shape? What I REALLY meant to say was how the Ravens' logo mimics the Colts' tail shape. Thanks @MJWalker45!
  18. Well, other than losing the starting point guard for the season during the playoffs. I'm not an NBA fan, but it sure was fun watching this with my youngest son last night. I don't think he fell asleep until right before I left for work this morning.
  19. I'll guarantee he's under center (or shotgun) for the Packers in Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season.
  20. The Brewers and their fans thank you
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