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  1. It's far easier to deal with losing earlier in the playoffs than later. The longer you go in the playoffs, the more heart wrenching it is.
  2. Considering how many people HATE the Rams new look, and consider how many also thought their update would be a slam dunk classic, YES the Bengals could possibly look worse.
  3. Careful what you wish for. Player involvement doesn't offer much more than fire emojis.
  4. I would prefer if they focused on Columbia blue as their accent color.
  5. It's also his Twitter Handle, so it may have been around for awhile.
  6. This has happened to me for awhile. I thought I was imagining it. It's only certain style ads - ones that have an almost 'dashboard' shape to them.
  7. It's all good. Paraphrasing my response to you - we can disagree and discuss stuff. Anything anyone posts is alwasy 'in my opinion'. I have no problems with you or this whole discussion. We're good! As for the Roughnecks, the logo is (in my opinion ) clearly derived from, or meant to invoke, the Houston Oilers. As someone said upthread, the NFL opposed it all along, but this delay is just how that process normally works.
  8. But you were. I pointed out how I saw that opinion. As discussion which you seem to want. I thought that there were clues in the original post that led it to be less than truthful. If you don't like how I did it, there isn't much I can do about it.
  9. Suppressing? No. Pointing out why an argument is invalid (IMO, obviously)? Yes
  10. Somebody send the team some Oxi-clean, please.
  11. Your second statement has no bearing on the case at hand. In fact, it casts a shadow on the objectivity of your first statement. If this were court proceedings, your objection would be overruled.
  12. No. It is entirely necessary. If you don't defend your trademark you run the risk of losing them. The NFL should have done this when it was released.
  13. I paid for the autographed version, so mine doesn't.
  14. BUT... Since Green Bay would have already beaten the Bears (assuming that result doesn't change), that changes the 'care level' of this game, meaning the Rams are in, and they could lay down for the Cardinals. Same problems, just different teams. NBC was screwed in that there was no 'the winner of this game is in and the loser is out'. Maybe next year they'll consider not having an SNF game unless that is the case.
  15. One of these years, there will be two threads. One for real news, and one full of speculation and lists of teams that people want to change
  16. But the Iggles are picking three spots earlier than they should if they hadn't tanked [/sarcasm] - which assumes that they would have won the game (and thus another flaw in BBTV's coud yelling moment).
  17. Your statement doesn't affect what the Packers wore this year, however.
  18. No. You're wrong about trying to fix the broken draft because reasons.
  19. You've lost the ability to say 'BBTV is always right' after this crusade. You're yelling at clouds over something that isn't broken. If this is the hill you choose to die on, it looks like you will do it alone.
  20. Maybe because brown over not brown looks better than brown over brown?
  21. Frankly the fact that you can't find anything about them should tell you all you need to know about this league and its likely future.
  22. Agreed on the helmet. That set could have used a few tweaks, as could the current. There is probably a better set that could be created if the 2013-17 set and the current set had a child.