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  1. They added a gray/silver facemask, but no gray/silver pants, which they have a history of. They'd look okay too-- (sorry I threw it together quick this a.m.)
  2. A majority of the folks who are yelling about this on social media would not have accepted any logo that wasn't the old Sioux logo, or a bird with a Native American headdress. That simply wasn't going to happen. After a little more time to reflect, I still like the logo; only thing I'm not 100% sold on is the font/wordmark. Might grow on me, we'll see.
  3. I really like it. The Facebookers are having a fit, of course. Hyperbole everywhere "worst logo ever", "trash", etc. It's clean and looks great. My only complaint that it's a bit wide- not sure how that's going to translate to hockey uniforms. I'd imagine there will be secondary marks and the like. I was expecting some fierce, overdesigned hawk with muscles and teeth, so this is good.
  4. For those of you interested, here's a link to the Grand Forks Herald's live stream of the event. Available at 10:45 a.m. Unveiling will be at 11 a.m.
  5. "I've been told it is an ND with a bird coming out of the D. We'll see in an hour." -Tweet from Brad Schlossman, UND Sports Reporter from the Grand Forks Herald.
  6. I'm pretty excited, to be honest. I'm looking forward to the new logo, new gear, everything. Plus I can finally update my signature.
  7. I think the worst thing here (aside from the Ottawa hashtag, of course) is seeing Weston Dressler in a Bombers uniform.
  8. It's over. It's finally over. Minus the bickering and complaints about the new nickname. Then, of course we'll have the new logo which I'm sure will be met with open arms. I'm really just happy they've decided on a name. I'm excited to see what they come up with for a new logo, I do hope they take their time with it.
  9. I still think Roughriders is going to be the best option, if they're looking for something to represent the state. Sorry, Red River High School; maybe they can be proud they helped the University out and gave them their nickname in a time of need. They can rename their high school mascot the Good Samaritans. Boom- problem solved. To my surprise, Sundogs is growing on me. I don't think they'll use it, but it could be very good. Fighting Hawks sounds clumsy to me, and I'm surprised it's lasted this long- same with North Stars; as mentioned above, we're not the North Star state. What I am getting frustrated with is hearing that students won't want to come to UND anymore because they no longer have the old nickname, or will end up having a nickname that some Facebook jabronis don't like. Pardon my French, but that's hogwash. Balderdash, even. Students are going to go to the University of North Dakota because it has world-class facilities for education and athletics. I know I shouldn't put much stock in FB comments, but there are so many, and so many opinion articles from local news being posted that it's hard to avoid. It's way past the time to move on; I used to be annoyed that they had to change the name/logo, but now I'm excited for something new. I'm very ready for them to get a new nickname and logo so this ridiculous situation is behind us, and also so I can update my signature. I still think they should have went with Zombies. Chanting "BRAAAAAIIIINNNNSS" would be awesome at a live event.
  10. I'm with you on this. Roughriders would be interesting, so long as the Teddy Roosevelt imagery is sophisticated enough to take seriously. They could easily do a profile view like the previous Sioux logo with "Riders" arched above the logo. Gives a nod to the past by being very familiar looking to what they used to wear, but it'd be a whole new name and logo.
  11. I have a feeling that they'll go with Roughriders. This name was on the non-consideration list and has now made it to the final 7. Lots of complaining on social media about it already being a name for Grand Forks Red River High School. No surprise there, the reason Facebook was invented was for endless complaints and arguments about the mundane. It's a solid name with actual North Dakota history behind it. Throw some Teddy Roosevelt imagery in there and you've got yourself a stew goin', baby. I don't mind just staying with "North Dakota", but I'm a red-blooded 'Murican consumer and I want to buy sweet gear with some badass logos on it.
  12. Here is an updated list, whittled down to sixty-two names. I guess these are the names the committee will consider, so it's surprising to see "Roughriders" on this list, which was on the non-consideration list just a day prior. Also, surprising to me is how high up on their list "Force" and "North Stars" are; the former being a current Fargo-based USHL team, and the latter, of course, the former NHL team. And sadly, the Abdominal Snowman is dead. Long live the Abdominal Snowman.
  13. The non-consideration list and the "Rational" field might be the best/worst thing I've read in a while. It's like reading Facebook comments- so terrible, but I can't look away.
  14. Washington vs. Houston, 1971. Only time this matchup happened: I don't know what it is, but I love those Oilers uniforms.
  15. Black and white doesn't really do it justice, but here's that matchup- Seahawks with stripes on the sleeves and grey facemasks; Bills with blue pants and blue facemasks. Nice.
  16. "Has improved his swing by dropping his elbow. " Hell. Yes. I think you mean "OOOOOOOH YEEEEEAAAAHH!"
  17. Oh, that's a good'n. How about Mark Rypien...Philadelphia Eagle?
  18. Also odd about this matchup, and correct me if I'm wrong, is that the Rams are using regular block numbers, when they ended up using a different typeface a year later. Furthermore, the Seahawks are the home team here, playing outdoors at Husky Stadium. Here's a link to the Getty page with a few more Seahawks/Rams photos.
  19. shi-shaa Did you take that yourself? Because I looked EVERYWHERE. I did not; I saw it earlier when I read he was traded, and was confused because he had just been traded. This is the nature of the 2014 NHL trade hootenanny. Yes, hootenanny. Also, habsfan, how does something like this not "count"? He was listed, and dressed as the backup goaltender for a regular season NHL game. He's got a uniform and everything, it's really great!
  20. It was a Festivus Miracle. I'd been searching for a green version of the 1995-2000 University of North Dakota hockey jersey, but I also knew it's not exactly a common item; so, really anything from that era would do. Black, Green, White, it didn't matter. I went on eBay, where I spend too much of my time, and I find this: The ol' ticker skips a beat- but then I notice the awful numbers attached to the jersey. Wildly inaccurate and, really, they looked kind of sweaty. Not sure how that happened, however the price was right, and my wife said yes, so that's really all the go-ahead I needed. Usually these go for $150-$200 so a $50 Buy It Now was a pretty damn good deal. Grabbed the seam ripper and went to town. Seam ripping sucks. Apparently, just sewing the numbers on wasn't good enough, there was some glue residue left over on the sleeve numbers, which kind of bummed me out. I looked around to see what I could do- then I remembered the magic of acetone. Took the glue right off; I can't tell anything was there at all. There are a few threads that I nicked, and I will notice them, but to anyone else- this is a blank jersey. To anyone reading this that may have a numbered/lettered jersey that they'd rather have blank- grab a seam ripper, acetone and a steamer. Maybe soak in Oxy-Clean if its a white jersey. I used Shaklee Nature-Bright, but still... same type o' product. The acetone breaks down glue, and the steamer will loosen up the threads where the letters/numbers were sewn on. Before the steamer, it looked like there was a ghost of a #7 on the back/sleeves of this jersey- I forgot to take a picture, but it was clearly visible. Here's the final product, and the missing piece to my collection: As an added bonus, huff the acetone when you're finished, to celebrate all the hard work you've done. The pink elephants say that it's perfectly fine and won't harm your brain.* *Note: don't actually do this. Ever.
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