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  1. They are winless in the Vice jersey... could be superstitious reasons why they made the switch.
  2. Spurs now have a corporate sponsor as well (FROST) https://t.co/5w4L6q464X That leaves 6 teams without one
  3. https://twitter.com/NBA/status/1003720543944650752?s=20
  4. That like the lakers. I believe adidas gold is dark. Nike gold damn near look neon-ish
  5. So apparently Tom Gores, Pistons' owner, will have his company Platinum Equity on the floor where the arena name usually goes.
  6. Here you guys go.... released in NBA's instagram page
  7. ESPN.com is reporting Goodyear will be the Cavs jersey sponsor next year. Goodyear's wingfoot logo will be on the jersey. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/19387714/cleveland-cavaliers-sport-goodyear-wingfoot-logo-jerseys-staring-next-season
  8. Nba: clippers and thunder nhl: senators and flames mlb: Padres and Indians nfl: Ravens and Jaguars
  9. Well they have the "est. 1946" logo on all their social media profile pics. I'm going to assume that logo will be on the jerseys. The "NYK basketball" logo are on their Facebook and Twitter banners and keep in mind the black is actually navy blue on those sites.
  10. New York Knicks released their 70th Anniversary logos via Snapchat.
  11. The Knicks very bright, very loud, ORANGE winter jerseys. The real things.
  12. From Netsdaily.com they said it could be a possible leak from someone at the Adidas office.
  13. The arm hole trim being cut short IS actually an adidas style as they have it done with 3 of their college teams last season, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Baylor. Also dont forget these jersey were designed 2 years ago for the purpose of being debuted last year. As for my opinion on the jersey, am I disappointed, No. Its what I expect from Paul Lukas description 2011 offseason saying it will look plain like the Cavs jersey. I have no problem with the solid color waistband nor the short trim armhole. My grips are the NEW New York wordmark making the jersey look like a cheap knockoff you can find from a street vendor, and unnecessary grey not being needed. Cleveland has navy in their logo and its not being used in their uniforms, therefore grey didn't have to be used. Did I want more, yes, because I think their uniform are too plain. Am I disappointed, no, because it could have been alot worst by letting Adidas have complete control over the uniform design. FYI: As someone said New York wordmark on their uniforms are too established for them to be like everyone else and put KNICKS on the front of their uniforms. Thats like the Lakers putting Los Angeles on their road jersey. Yes they both have been done before but both the Lakers and Knicks go for the wordmark that is more established, popular, recognizable in their long historic years as a franchise. Why change it? The "Once a Knick, Always A Knick" is something plenty of former Knicks have said Marcus Camby, Kurt Thomas and Larry Johnson. So i have no problem with that but I would have like to see a slogan all New Yorker us to connect with the Knicks... "Go NY, Go NY, Go!"