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  1. Makes it look like their laundry guy got a little careless with the bleach.
  2. That's why the 1967-70 set that @SFGiants58 posted is their best set. The stripes are consistent between the sweaters and the socks and they have the white collar.
  3. Capacity at Coca-Cola is less than 8,000. Capacity in Hamilton is over 17,000. The Rock usually averaged over 10,000 a game at the ACC. I'm guessing they wouldn't want to limit possible ticket sales that much, especially after losing a season and a half to the pandemic.
  4. Makes a certain amount of sense, I guess. Rent has got to be a lot cheaper at Copps (or whatever it's called these days), and they won't be 3rd in line for arena dates behind two major league teams.
  5. It looks like he just stepped on a Lego.
  6. Revised Sabres RR schedule:
  7. The Sabres were scheduled to wear their Reverse Retros today in New Jersey, but I just turned the game on and they're wearing their regular roads. They just announced that they will debut them on 2/25 at home vs. NJ.
  8. The Sabres were supposed to wear theirs on 2/11 and 2/13 vs Washington but both games were postponed. They're scheduled to wear them this Saturday 2/20 and Monday 2/22 vs New Jersey.
  9. The reds are way better then the gold. They should be the permanent alt. By the way, are those signs on the glass allowed to be there during the game or does someone have to take them down after warm-ups?
  10. If they're going to be auctioned off for charity, as they usually are, then is it really a waste?
  11. That helmet reminds me of something...
  12. I would like it better if the gold and white on the crest were switched. Also, the thick gold collar sucks, but you know, Adidas.
  13. I can't imagine the play-by-play guys enjoy calling a game where the home team is wearing black numbers on a black sweater.
  14. Does this help you visualize it?
  15. I don't know if it's my TV or the lighting in Philly or what but the Sabres' white looks kind of off-white to me.
  16. They look like their laundry guy doesn't separate the whites from the colors.
  17. Oh, they're gonna do that too. The Sabres will have ad tarps around the 100 level and cardboard cutouts of fans (at $60 a pop) in the 200 and 300 levels. https://buffalonews.com/sports/sabres/sabres-offering-fan-cutouts-in-keybank-center/article_c3f0572c-5463-11eb-a9ae-d72b3b78444d.html
  18. At least there's no ad on the helmet! /s
  19. This year it will be the Fudgie The Whale™ Trophy and the Campbell's Soup™ Bowl.
  20. The scorebug ESPN is using for the College Football Playoff games is annoying me. They're using a gold box for the down & distance, and every time I catch it out of the corner of my eye I think there is a flag on the play.
  21. What rumored outdoor games?
  22. If it was legal to smoke crack inside the arena Delaware North would be selling it at their concession stands.
  23. I don't know. I like blue with a white shell, but I think the white looked better on the red shell.
  24. I'm Team Blue Facemask for the Bills.
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