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  1. A little disappointed that they don't have a horn on their batting helmet.
  2. I wasn't comparing Bourque to Kawhi at all. I was just pointing out an example of how someone could win a championship in a 'wrong' uniform.
  3. This looks like it was drawn by someone who has read about birds but never actually seen one.
  4. Somewhere out there there's probably a game-worn Clint Malarchuk jersey with plenty of that color on it...
  5. Exactly. The Colorado Avalanche is obviously the wrong uniform for Ray Bourque, even though he won The Cup there. He played (playoffs included) almost 1,700 games as a Bruin, and about 125 games with the Avs. If he would have won the Conn Smythe as well, does that suddenly make it the right uniform for him?
  6. I'm not a huge fan of all white football uniforms. Usually I think they're a little bland. I prefer colored pants for most teams with their white jerseys. But this is a sharp set, especially with the glossy helmet.
  7. True, but with most soccer teams they don't really have a 'home' and 'road' kit, it's more a case of a 'primary' kit and a 'clash' kit. Most soccer teams will wear their primary uniform on the road as long as it doesn't clash with what the home team is wearing. Even then, they may just change shorts and/or socks and still wear the primary shirt if that provides sufficient contrast with the home team.
  8. The 1974-75 team went to the Final as well.
  9. I'm 45, and whether you care to believe me or not, a life-long Sabres fan. I lived through the Rigas fiasco. I was one of the 8,000 fans in the seats for some of those games in 2002-03 when the team was in bankruptcy and being controlled by the league. I held my breath alongside all the other 'true fans' while waiting for Tom Golisano to ride in on his white horse and save the team in Buffalo. All that said, I would have no problem with the Sabres rolling out the goathead jerseys as an occasional alt like Vancouver does with their spaghetti skate throwbacks. There were plenty of good times in those jerseys, and plenty of fans who still love them in spite of all the bad times they had in them.
  10. That logo was absolutely released by the team, along with 3 others, one for each era: the original royal blue and gold, red and black, navy blue and gold, with the slug logo and the current navy and gold.
  11. There was also a corporate tie-in there. The Knox Brothers were in the process of selling the team to John Rigas at the time they rebranded. Rigas owned Adelphia Cable, and Adelphia's colors were red and white.
  12. Actually, I think this reflects the identity of the team pretty well.
  13. They did at one point
  14. The Rochester Americans do red, white and blue pretty well.
  15. Seems so obvious, doesn't it?
  16. Syracuse used to wear pink and pea green.
  17. Not a primary logo, but they do have a secondary logo that features a white sock: They have used several different logos over the years featuring white socks:
  18. Would you say it was as weird as the Chicago White Sox wearing non-white soc...wait...
  19. I'm pretty sure if they rolled out on opening night in this set the majority of Sabres fans would be happy.
  20. It started with fans of the original logo. It was meant to be derogatory but it stuck and now pretty much everyone calls it that, even people who like the logo.
  21. Syracuse wore mono orange from 1949-1951 and again in 1958. Coach Ben Schwartzwalder thought the all-orange look helped camouflage the football when his team was on offense, giving them an advantage.
  22. The AAFC Browns wore white helmets. They also wore white helmets for parts of 1950 and 1951, their first two seasons in the NFL. They won the 1950 NFL Championship Game while wearing white helmets.
  23. Could be worse. I'll take the white helmet over this any day of the week.