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  1. Love your work GRS but I think this one is a swing and a miss - for this Chiefs fan at least. It’s well rendered but the texture effect and lack of black create a muddled look on the red helmet backdrop. It just doesn’t “pop” anymore...at least for me. I get that black is not a Chiefs color but I just think the current logo looks clean, classic and pops on the helmet. The K and C maybe a bit dated but I dunno, I think the added textures and chisels just make the whole thing clunkier than it needs to be. As mentioned above I think the outline of both the arrowhead and text back to black plus eliminating the cheese curds would make for a very subtle but good update. I think the complete stroke around the text looks much more modern than the current drop shadow, that’s for sure.
  2. Those old Grizz jerseys are just spectacular...really sucks they’ve changed from such a gorgeous and unique color scheme to bring pretty much just another black uniform club. I mean the 19/20 set is a decent enough and an upgrade of their current set but they don’t represent the club identity nearly as well as these beauties.
  3. Hi Sparky - might we see the Sockeyes concept in the colors of the Seattle NHL site? I know your hue of salmon red is more authentic but curious what their more pinkish salmon and lighter seafoam would look like on the fish.
  4. I like the salmon and forest green, I think a slightly brighter shade of seafoam versus the almost teal here? Nevermind that actually looks pretty seafoamy on second glance?
  5. Yeah this works for me, I actually like the darker almost black green. I like colors that look like one thing at first glance but then you stare a bit longer and see “wait - that’s not actually black”. And I think black works good too but the dark forest green may have a bit more personality. Like others though, now that I’ve seen this creative and unique color combo - I feel like they can only let us down with the actual choices! And fully on board with Sockeyes as the name too - I know Nucks and Sharks fans will come up with all kinds of not that clever jokes about sushi and such but Seattle Sockeyes sounds great and everything about the identity has a chance to be really, really cool and unique.
  6. Salmon and Seafoam? Lovely...I could see maybe black as a tertiary color to inject some contrast? I mean I like the Salmon and Seafoam combo but it's very "soft" as an overall look...a dash of a darker, bolder tertiary color might help it pop a bit more.
  7. Agreed, I know they just rebranded a couple years ago but really disappointing that they essentially did nothing to the identity for this big move. To have the moniker "Ice" but use dull grey everywhere instead of a bright, icy white seems odd...the whole look is dark and muted and lacks contrast. And the jersey design with the piping and tiny hem striping looks bad and dated. Consider Sherbrooke right above getting rid of the cream for just a straight white - I think it makes everything pop more. The Sherbrooke colorway is actually more would I would think the Ice would fit. Oh well, maybe it'll be like the Rams where they will adjust the look a year or two into their Winnipeg residency.
  8. Well the outrage machine here going into full blast mode was predictable no matter what was released. These look pretty tame, I’m not even sure where the shouting about these looking too modern and trendy is coming from. If anything they are a bit plain. The shade of green is really quite nice and I’m interested in seeing these helmets under the sun and lights, I think they are pretty attractive. I get the “they don’t match the green in the Uniform” but I’ll reserve judgement until we see them in action. Helmets are not fabric there’s no universal law that says they have to look exactly the same (in fact if you want to be a purist to materiality - they shouldn’t look or react to light exactly the same as fabric). They just shouldn’t look out of place, they should just complete an identity. The monochrome and BFBS looks are the worst of the set but that’s this era for you. I think these are gonna look sharp in green/white and white/green.
  9. It really depends on what view you are looking at the SKC kit from. From the front I think the shorts work ok because you get a massing for that darker grayish blue in the shirt. It makes sense. From the sides and back, it looks like their lower bodies are either really sweaty or they are wearing just plain old sweat pants (in shorts form). I still love the shirt, I even think the pattern looks good in action, subtle but noticeable. Gives the whole Sporting Blue look some nice texture. But they might have been trying to be too clever by a half step with the shorts even if the idea is understandable. Then again if they are going to play like this all season, they can wear pink tutus for all I care!
  10. Glad it never became the regular jersey but as a third, I still love it. Love the mix of dark navy, burgundy and the contrasting white. Clean and sharp IMO.
  11. Up there with the Avs jerseys as best adidas update so far. The fact that the regular Devils jerseys that adidas has are so dull (the template design, not the classic red and black combo) makes these even more gorgeous in comparison.
  12. This identity is just super sexy. Super excited about the kits. Believe they will go with the shield on the kits with the roundel as the official mark on marketing and business material, as many have mentioned. And yeah the Euro thing is kinda forced in many cases but I dunno...when you combine the sleek yet retro identity that screams “Miami” and “nightlife” and has a very cosmopolitan vibe - the name Inter(nacional) Miami just works for me. I kinda agree with criticism that the “M” is pretty slim and the whole thing is very intricate for a sports club but you can’t pull off this look with fat, bold letters and clunky symbols. Inter Miami gear is gonna be hot when it comes out!
  13. Will be an unpopular opinion but I kinda dig the Arsenal thirds. Love that shade of green...and maybe because it’s just a third jersey it doesn’t have to (and fail miserably like the Arsenal home shirt) to live up to a classic look.
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