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  1. The Nats can't even do it for Alts they wear 2-3 times a month! PS: Zimmerman for ROY
  2. Is it their MODERN stlye with the extra cap volume you guys are talking about? The only hat I own from them is a 1935 Yankees which is fairly form fitting to my bulbous head.
  3. I have the eriqjaffe font pack and the closest is MLB_Tuscan, but it is not a match for either.
  4. I saw this Capitals hat at a local store a few months back so its at least that old.
  5. The NY Mets road font? and the 70's ChiSox font?
  6. It gets even worse on pre-50's stuff where photos are much scarcer. They have many styles which match the original Okkonen book, but ignore updates shown on Dressed to 9's website.
  7. I do expect a roll of the dice when buying something handmade on the old equipment - The hats the players wore on the field pre 1960's were all very inconsistent. So I can't bash CBC too much in that regard, except on price. This hat, however, is a different story - logo colors wrong, sewed on uneven, skewed from center. And this is the display photo from one of their dealers! Definitely a hat better left to modern machinery.
  8. Well, I found a 35 Yankees on special which is my first purchase from them. I've heard their simpler logo, unstructured pre 50's hats tend to be more consistent quality, so we'll see.
  9. #1 gets my vote, but I do think you can make it even better with light colored numbers on front. I'm just not into the red bill cap, its too "Braves" for me, and its also the batting practice cap. I'd like to see the Nats home uni's replace the Red with Blue as well. One question on the colored undershirt - is it Red or Dark Orange?
  10. I bow to your Snake-Eyes PhotoShop skills, master. If they are alts to be worn at home, why are the pants gray? Make the numbers the same color scheme as the cap logo - white base, gold bevel, red outline. I also hate two teams in the same divison having the same look, so the Braves style red billed cap must go.
  11. Fleaster, Yes, I bought one from an eBay store and it simply was not as nice as the old one - structured crown, logo stitched on poorly and crooked, crown made of very stiff canvas-like material. I was very disappointed, hence my interest in BallWonk, this is exactly the type of account I was alluding to, thank you.
  12. Leather sweatbands were definitely used until at least the early 1960's. I can't offer any more info or explanation. If I may ask, what did you get from and how was the quaiity? I am leery of plunking down $44+, since I have read that their quality and service is all over the place. They sent me a pic of a sample Brooklyn cap and the logo looked like a child sewed it on. I am trying to replace a really nice early 90's American Needle 1938 Brooklyn Dodgers fitted low profile unstructured crown cap which sadly got ruined.
  13. I buy alot of hats from Distant Replays and I like their service alot, but I would not trust that just because they sell something, it is 100% historically accurate. For at least two months they were selling a "Texas Rangers 86-92 Fitted Hat". Only problem was that the colors on the white and red logo were reversed. Only in the past week did they finally revise it to say "Texas Rangers Royal Blue Fitted Hat".
  14. In case people don't know this sophomoric reference - it is supposed to be something you say when you are leaving a situation never to return again...
  15. FWIW, members at the Capitals BB have reported as far back as the last home games in April, that the current set was being blown out half price at the team store. The employees reportedly were saying no more would be made, and a new red, white, and blue set was coming for 06-07. Caps website has authentic jerseys in limited sizes only now, just 46 and 48 for the white jersey.
  16. I have the Distant Replays cap and the logo looks a bit thinner than the stock photo, but not as thin as the Koufax cover photo. The LA logo never officially changed - the stitching and printing on hats and helmets just varied. I have been collecting the Cooperstown hats recently and I've run into this alot. If you really want to go crazy, try looking at group photos of the Brooklyn Dodgers or Milwaukee Braves and you'll see how inconsistent the logos were from hat to hat.
  17. If anyone doubts that the real 71-74 hats were dark orange, not truly red, check this clip 74_AS_Game At the 1:00 minute mark, Cincinnati Red Joe Morgan passes right by Astro Cesar Cedeno and the diference between Reds Red and Astros Orange is clear. Pantone, Here is what I find confusing: the 1971-1974 hats were darker "Houston Astros Orange", OK. Which color presents the light orange used on the Astros hats 1975-1982 hats and also the light orange star on the 1982-1993 dark hats?
  18. I like your concept, so I will try to offer more advice than "yawn". Ditto the comments about the beer gut contour and need for thicker numbers. The name and sleeve numbers should be bigger as well as thicker. The grey outline is lost against the white jersey. Try adding another stroke of blue or red to contrast with the white background.. The stars - do you really want them off center on the sleeve so they only show from the front? Also, try rotating them 90 deg so they are straight up and down when the sleeve hangs at the side. Also execution-wise, the right-shoulder patch is closer to the center-line than the left patch. The sleeve numbers should be further down the arm, not right on the bend of the shoulder.
  19. The purple I used is almost identical to the top left sample.
  20. Sadly, I don't kow what "Vegas Gold" means. Is there an online color sample resource? Thus far, I have been limited to eyedropper and sliders.
  21. Here's a recolored pair. I flipped the light/dark trim on the white jersey.
  22. While, my idea was to do it in the New Orleans Saints colors, so I redid v2 again so the gold is true Saints gold. I know these colors won't work for everybody since historically the Kings have not used them, but that was my idea, to use the chevron logo I like with Saints colors. I will recolor this template in original Kings purple and yellow too. I do appreciate everyone's feedback, so keep it coming!
  23. OK, here it is with the Gold adjusted.