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  1. Very close in feel to this SoCal brewery-
  2. New logos- Old Logos-
  3. The only time you will ever see "well crafted" & Budweiser together is when discussing the branding, never about the contents...
  4. Budweiser Unveils New "Bowtie" Design ST. LOUIS (Aug. 3, 2011) – Budweiser, the iconic global beer brand, today revealed a new design, seen in its can and secondary packaging, that will roll out of U.S. breweries and into the hands of American beer drinkers this summer, before debuting in markets around the world later this year. The new can design is Budweiser's 12th since Anheuser-Busch began offering its flagship brand in cans in 1936. The focal point of the design is Budweiser's iconic bowtie, complemented by the time-honored Budweiser creed and Anheuser-Busch medallion. "Budweiser's success is rooted in aspects of the beer that will never change – a crisp, refreshing taste, an unwavering commitment to quality and the enormous pride we take in each batch," said Rob McCarthy, vice president, Budweiser. "Our refreshed packaging design gives Budweiser an updated look, which dramatizes the iconic Budweiser bowtie and incorporates the brand hallmarks that loyal Budweiser drinkers will recognize and appreciate." Budweiser's new "bowtie" can and secondary packaging designs will be the global standard as the brand continues to expand internationally. "This new visual identity is one of many steps in our quest to reinforce Budweiser's role as a true global beer brand. Together with our unifying global creative idea, the new global packaging look and feel will reinforce Budweiser's bond with consumers around the world," said Frank Abenante, vice president, Brands, AB InBev. Using the same design principles as the newly designed can, the redesigned secondary packaging will be used for all package configurations and emphasizes the Budweiser creed, which highlights the beer's unique Beechwood Aging process and 135-year long commitment to quality. The packaging will also feature a "Quick Response" (QR) code that will better enable Budweiser to regularly communicate with consumers. New Design Set
  5. Pyramid to fix branding mistake I can't believe it took them 2 years to figure this out...
  6. Very shady work by these 2 pubs. Karl Strauss & Brooklyn Brewery are 2 of the oldest US craft breweries around. Shame on the pubs...
  7. Waves? In the script logo? There are waves in the ocean. But I'll grant you that MIGHT be a bit gimmicky. The Blue and Sand are probably enough though... Navy and sand matches San Diego. Brown matches Padres. What's the difference? It's a choice of which to represent more. Many teams use the Navy, which is really what dominates their current set. I like it, but the brown and yellow is a case of unique actually being an improvement and looking good. And just about everybody in this thread (not saying the whole boards) has preferred the original set over the 80's crap. Actually it's a fallacy that only brown matches a padre... Franciscan friars (the order most associated with California due to the missions) are actually known as the "grey friars", though they do also wear dark brown, black and white (in warmer locals). Dominican friars (the order who ran the Baja California missions) generally wear black over white. Augustinians wear generally wear grey. Carmelites wear white over brown. And those are just the 4 main orders of friars. So in reality, brown is not the color of friars, it's just one of many. So if anything the current spread of uniforms are perfect in matching a large swath of San Diego and her history. The white home unis match one of the many robes the Franciscans wear, plus the accents like the navy blue home unis with sand accents match the ocean, sand, cliffs, and Navy so intimately tied to SD. The grey away's are tied to the Franciscan friars so intimately tied to the history of the city and the team's name. The Marines Sunday uniform is a direct homage to the Marine Corp and the military the Padres support better than any other franchise in sports. Brown by comparison would tie into the Padres name, but honoring the Carmelites who had nothing to do with California or the city of San Diego more than it would the "grey friars". Not sure what yellow would honor... the dead grass on the hills in summer? Orange could honor the glow of a sunset I guess, but it could just as easily honor the eerie glow in the sky every time SD has had a massive wildfire... Your statements are so wrong. Please see exibit A. San Diego's City Flag...
  8. That's the winner right there. The new ownership has to do something to get the bland corporate looking era of the 2000's out of Petco park and bring in some passion for this team. I guarantee changing back to those uni's or a modernized version w/ that color scheme will bring back fan passion for the Padres. It just makes too much sense.
  9. Padres Fans Want to Bring Back the Brown Source: Bring Back the Brown? | NBC San Diego San Diego based design company Product Etcetera is trying to help the Padres realize their team identity in San Diego is too bland & needs to go back to it's roots. Bring Back the Brown SD Petition
  10. Cal State San Marcos deciding on new logo Note that a Chicago firm is involved in the design. I swear if GamePlan is involved, that is B.S.!
  11. Dude, the conversation is about the design of the Pyramid brand. Google could answer your pointless question by typing "pyramid magic hat" into Google. And yes, that was over a year ago.
  12. I think they figured they have lost true Craft Beer drinkers so they are going for the XTREME dumb Taco Bell type person. Will never touch a Pyramid beer again. Check out the rest of the line, just bad stuff.
  13. Not a fan of this rebrand at all.
  14. When discussing the LA Kings Silver/Black era, the logo is called the "Chevy Logo"... Burger King is great...