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  1. So the dopey long t-shirt is ridiculous looking and has been rightly lambasted here, but can we also talk about the super wrinkled socks? Looks like flash dance style leg warmers. Where'd that come from?
  2. And, conversely, it's been 15 years and Tebow still gets a bunch of other people giddy just by existing.
  3. Very disappointing to see the Louisville Bats go with the boring navy/red color scheme in the last few years. I'm reverting them to purple, plus playing up the whole Halloween angle, because why wouldn't you?
  4. Seems to me that giving Rodgers everything he wants and telling him he's the greatest ever is the last thing you should do if you want peak Rodgers. Last year the Packers drafted his replacement and got prepared to move on from him, and he had a great season. The guy's a classic red ass. He strikes me as the kind of person who's only happy when he's unhappy.
  5. That's one thing I don't get about the modern push to have this ultra thin ultra light uniforms. The players end up wearing two layers anyway. Doesn't that just negate the ".4564 percent lighter" effect? Why not just build in the compression sleeves, tights and what have you, into the material, and not market uniforms so thin you tell the player's religion?
  6. Almost. Fix the road socks... need white socks with a stripe that matches the white jersey.
  7. Well, I got this far so I had to finish it off. The last two are the most nondescript and least memorable (to me at least) teams from the USFL, the Orlando Renegades (coached by Lee Corso!) and the Memphis Showboats.
  8. Cool. They should've put a Trams Am on the side of the helmet.
  9. While I think the both look far from good (and the Seahawks, very far from good) I would sadly have to agree that these are among the defining looks from the modern era. Now I'm just depressed.
  10. I always kind if liked the Patriots weird triple-stripe road socks. I know they made no sense with the rest of the uniform, but I generally have a high tolerance for strange uniform quirks, and I appreciate that the Patriots stuck with them when everyone else started going leotard. Sure, they looked odd, but anything... anything is preferable to matching the sock color to the pants color. In the following picture, neither team looks good, but the Patriots at least are aware of how an NFL uniform should be worn with respect to contrasting parts; There was a time when other NFL teams wore socks that didn't match anything else on their uniform, but at that time everyone was aware that the socks shouldn't blend directly into the pants, and solid white socks seemed to be an NFL no no. Once again, it's hard to even calculate how much better this looks than the ugly solid leg thing every team is doing now.
  11. @infrared41 is correct. I spent the 90s there, teaching at the University of Toledo and working at the Art museum, met my fabolous wife there, and have nothing but good things to say about Toledo. Plus, I now live and love living in the great city of Detroit, another place that gets crap talked about by dopes who, at most, once drove nearby, but remember seeing something about the city on Johnny Carson 30 years ago. To all the people who think they're being clever by retelling tired jokes about our so called "rust belt" cities... good. Stay out. You'd get your candy asses beat if you came here anyway.
  12. Just wondering... these fans they're bring up to sit on stage in that easy chair... What do you suppose is the average weight?
  13. OK... on with the western themed USFL teams. We've had the Wranglers, the Outlaws, the Gamblers, the Gunslingers, and now the final cowboy team, the Tampa Bay Bandits. That's 5 teams out of 18. Although how a western outlaw, wearing a red bandana (is this the same guy from the Oklahoma Outlaws?) on a galloping horse got all the way east to Tampa, I can't tell you. This one is pretty close to what the originally wore. It was such a blatant and unashamed rip of the Ohio State University, I though I'd just leave it that way.
  14. It's weird that it was the Chiefs, specifically. I don't necessarily think of them as a team that should have that many retired numbers.
  15. As a Viking fan, I'm not inclined to wish for anything good to happen to the Bears, but it's gonna be hard for me to not root for Fields. I know this gets thrown around a lot, but he certainly seems to be an absolute amazing kid. Humble, crazy hard worker, transferred into a major program as an anointed starter, and rather than being resented the whole team fell instantly in love with him. Great leader. Tough as nails. He got his knee bashed sideways against Michigan in '19, missed like three plays, then came back, scrambled left and threw a dime bomb for TD on the first play. Most reports say he mostly likely fractured a rib on the spear from the Clemson LB in the playoffs, missed one play and came back in to play the game of his life. As a lifelong tOSU fan you can trust me when I say it isn't just his playing style that isn't comparable to Cardale Jones or Dwayne Haskins. Plus, this is his dog...
  16. Yeah, could be. They don't look like them to me... seems like too much red, not enough navy, for the previous stripe proportions, but it's hard to tell from that shot. Could be just wishful thing on my part. Gray pants take the Patriots uniform from bottom ten to top ten IMHO. Here's a comparison based on the prototype that a collector manged to snag last year...
  17. Well, the number font is definitely a mistake, but how do you mistakenly create brand new pants?