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  1. With the complete lack of a white jersey, replicating the old road uni seems pretty impossible.
  2. I'm pretty sure they've specifically stated the the only combinations they plan on using are blue/blue/blue, blue/blue/yellow and blue/gray/gray.
  3. This is just a transparent ploy to get someone to post that old Rams painting again, isn't it?
  4. Well, yeah, obviously they shouldn't wear any uniform that doesn't seem special or worthy of wearing, so by that measure the alternate will be something the fans want to see, at least occasionally. My problem is with teams that seem to know the look they've designated as alternate is clearly the one most fans prefer and/or is their most recognizable and "iconic" (overused term, I know) look. You saw this for years with the Brewers and Padres in baseball, made all the worse by the cynical way management would answer the fan's requests for these uniforms by tossing out the alternates as though that should satisfy them. Both those teams finally capitulated. I think this is exactly what's currently happening in Miami with the Dolphins. The team knows fans will buy the primary uniform because it's the "real" one, while simultaneously selling the clearly superior throwback, double dipping the sales. Meanwhile, the team is only playing two or three times a year in their best look. Seems dumb to me.
  5. If your alternate uniform is your best uniform, then your team is run by idiots. Wear your best uniform.
  6. Which one? The current uniform has about four.
  7. Hey, @Ben5, I'm fiddling with a new helmet template. How's it look so far? (haven't changed the smaller versions yet because I'm not sure it's done.)
  8. Going with one solid color from the knee down will obviously be the new thing for a while, but it doesn't look good.
  9. I'm always a little behind on that stuff. The jersey templates and helmet styles are just the blank canvas, I guess. Maybe I'll look into it.
  10. Slight change to the template... I removed the sleeve and went with a bare arm. Better?
  11. Yeah, more or less. The helmet I pulled off Google images and redrew. The jersey is a slight adaption of a basic template that's been floating around for years. Same with the pants... I just added the socks, shoes, and just recently the torso. I've been using both Photoshop and illustrator for years at work, and have considered switching my concepts over to one of those (probably illustrator, I'm a little more comfortable there), but there's something weirdly comforting to me about doing these in clunky old mspaint. I know it looks a little stiff because of the format, but the slow process of making things look "right" in Paint, things the Photoshop and illustrator do for you, works well with my creative process, and honestly with my anxiety stuff. And in the long run, this ain't a job, I just make them for myself. I appreciate the positive feedback.
  12. Coming from you, I have to say that feels like a major validation. Thanks.
  13. Those Packer numerals were me trying out something that @Gothamite had mentioned about the 60's Packers' inconsistent numbering.
  14. I've been wanting to fiddle with my football template for a while, just to liven things up for myself. My old template (which looks like this): I just cobbled this together from various sources, and I think I was pretty happy with it, but there were a few things about it that I didn't always feel perfectly satisfied about. For one, I think the side view cut-out is a less than optimal way to show off a sleeve design. More often than not I ended up just deleting it altogether. The giant multiple views of the helmet were a bit of wasted space, because I rarely design the helmet to look different from one side to the other. Also, it kind of bugs me that most uniform templates are more involved with showing the pieces individually (here's a jersey, here's a helmet...) than giving an idea of how the full uniform would look when all the pieces are worn together. With that in mind, I'm working on a new template, which I've plugged a few uniform onto, and I wouldn't mind some feedback. Here they are...