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  1. That's a legitimate question, as the uses in both cases are almost identical. I think the difference in my mind, is that if the Vikings added black to any other part of their uniform it would most definitely destroy it, while the Falcons adding gray pants (and making those pants the primary home and road look) would be a huge improvement. So maybe I'm less advocating they remove those extraneous colors, and instead add them elsewhere.
  2. NY Giants vs. Philadelphia Detroit vs. Atlanta Dallas vs. Washington Buffalo vs. NY Jets Carolina vs. New Orleans Green Bay vs. Houston Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Cincinnati Seattle vs. Arizona San Francisco vs. New England Kansas City vs. Denver Jacksonville vs. LA Chargers Tampa Bay vs. Las Vegas Chicago vs. LA Rams
  3. I'm not saying a team should be able to lose the championship game and not have it matter. If someone gets taken down in that game by a three loss team, then obviously that means they weren't what we thought they were. But I just don't want to see that 3 loss team automatically get in just because of that game. Pick the next best team How about this? In an eight team playoff, you can have your five conference champs, unless a team with three or more losses wins it's championship. In those cases, that slot becomes an at large.
  4. In my opinion, the current playoffs set up is pretty close to perfect, and the best thing about it is there's no automatic bids based on conference championship. I want the best four teams, regardless of anything else. Maybe in the old days, when conferences were ten teams each, everyone played everyone, and there wasn't a championship game, you could say that the champ was always the best team. But now, with uneven divisions, and the opportunity for a 2 or 3 loss team to pull off an upset and steal a spot in the playoffs? No thanks. I'm sure an eight team playoff is coming. There's too much money involved, they're going to do it. And when they do, I'm also sure they will make the 5 conference champs automatically in. But it's sure going to suck the first time a 3 loss team from a crappy division gets to the championship game, plays the game of their lives, and takes up a slot a legitimate team should have.
  5. I hated the last Falcon uniform, and would never have believed I'd be saying this, but this new one is worse, at least in the ways they've insisted on wearing it. The old one was over designed and cluttered, but had a better helmet, better font, and a much better use of red. Clean up the sleeves, get some actual pants stripes, and the old look would've been salvageable. But the new uniforms get worse to me every time I see them. The helmet is gimmicky, and prominently features colors that don't show up anywhere else. The numbers are atrocious. Now that Tampa is out of the running, the Falcons new font is neck and neck with the Titans for the worst in the NFL. But the worst thing by far is their combination decisions. As I'm sure I've made annoyingly clear, I always hate monochrome dark uniforms, but the solid color matching socks bring it all to a new dismal level, and the all white is just as terrible to me as the all black. Wearing white pants and black socks with the black jersey, and black socks with the all white would get them out of the bottom five, but only barely. Right now it's the Rams, Titans, Cardinals, Bengals, and them.
  6. Actually, I don't think anyone really hates the Chiefs. At least not yet.
  7. There's not much dumber than a team that already wears navy blue deciding that they need a black alternate. See West Virginia to see how stupid this looks. This is exactly why the players do not need to be consulted about uniforms. What as endless supply of brain dead ideas. You know, if I need to get my bathroom redone, I'll hire a plumber to put in the toilet and sink, but I'm not gonna ask the guy for his opinion on what color I should paint the walls.
  8. IMO the best Browns uniform combinations, in order... Home - 1. Brown jersey, white pants, brown striped socks. 2. Brown jersey, orange pants, brown striped socks. Both are good, but the classic white pants edge out the orange pants by a nose. The color rush and the possible monochrome primary are both pretty terrible, and should be permanently mothballed. Road - 1. White jersey, white pants, white striped socks. 2. White jersey, brown pants, white striped socks. 3. White jersey, orange pants, white striped socks. All are good (actually in a league with the Bengals, Falcons,. Rams, and Titans, all are relatively fantastic) but the white - orange - white is just a bit too orange dominant for my tastes.
  9. I trust you that the numbers are the standard height and width, but there's definitely something about their square shape and bulky profile that makes it feel like they take up more jersey real estate than the average team's numbers.
  10. Wow... the Falcons' season just keeps getting better.
  11. That's the most forgettable uniform in NFL history.
  12. Detroit vs. Jacksonville Atlanta vs. Minnesota Cincinnati vs. Indianapolis Chicago vs. Carolina Washington vs. NY Giants Houston vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh Baltimore vs. Philadelphia Denver vs. New England NY Jets vs. Miami Green Bay vs. Tampa Bay LA Rams vs. San Francisco Kansas City vs. Buffalo Arizona vs. Dallas
  13. I recently went crazy with the baseball concepts and ran through almost the entire major leagues. So, looking for more to do, I'm moving on to the colleges. Big 10, starting with the east...
  14. Yeah, I don't think that's an unpopular opinion at all. I've read it brought up here numerous times as possibly the worst uniform in the league, especially now that Cleveland and Tampa are out of the running.