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  1. Kinda like this helmet from "The Middle."
  2. In what way, specifically, do you think it changed the league's designs? And when you say it paid off, in what way?
  3. How are the Rams part of this question?
  4. Not a uniform designed during the Nike era... I don't think they can get credit or blame for a primary to secondary switch.
  5. Oh, great, another thread in which everyone can complain about the NFL's awesome one helmet rule.
  6. This is pretty much spot on.
  7. As nice as the gold mask looks over the light blue, I think it'll look out of place with the white and navy. They should just get rid of the navy pants altogether.
  8. What I mean is that it's like the Rams in that they can make a switch to an existing jersey in their set, but if they want to change the road jersey to match, that would be considered an actual redesign.
  9. Yeah they're definitely gonna be stuck with the current road jersey... At least for the foreseeable future. The same issue the Rams have had. (However, I have no issue with the broncos... They've always had blue road numbers)
  10. The light blue is a step in the right direction. Now just fix the shoulder inserts. And the bad font. And the stripe around the pants' bolt.
  11. Well, yeah... those blue aren't even close to matching, and you can't see his socks.
  12. Instead of that navy helmet that makes them look like Chicago, Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles, and Tennessee. (FWIW, no, I don't think they look especially like any of the teams I listed, but if someone can say a white helmet makes them "look like everyone else" then I can point out that there are just as many navy helmets.)
  13. I'd have a lot less of a problem dealing with a monochrome dark baseball uniform than I do having to deal with all the monochrome dark football uniforms. In my mind, baseball uniforms are supposed to have matching jerseys and pants, and football uniforms are supposed to have contrast.
  14. A lot of people complain about the Bengals current uniform being less of a sports uniform for a tiger-themed football team, and more of a costume. I would agree, and most of my Bengal concepts (found elsewhere in this thread) tend towards simplifying the Bengals look. However, the thought occurred to me... what if we went in the other direction? A full-on tiger embrace? And...
  15. This might be my 50th Cleveland Browns concept. And they're all very similar. Here i'm pulling from multiple existing Browns' uniforms. Home sleeve stripe is from the current color rush uniform... road sleeve stripe is from the classic. Helmet, white socks, and white pants are classic, orange pants from the 80's, browns pants from the color rush. The only thing I pulled from the current (non-color rush) uniform is the "Cleveland" jersey mark, although I shrunk it a bit. I'm pretty happy with it.
  16. Yeah, it's looking bad for the Patriots... They might have to go on the road before winning the next Superbowl
  17. If your pee is the color of Nashville's jerseys you really REALLY need to hydrate better.
  18. They're both wearing gold. One team is wearing"athletic gold" and the other is wearing"Vegas gold". Jeebus, this old discussion is tiring.
  19. I know that sleeve-flag gets a lot of love around here, but I think it's too busy, especially on a modern jersey. Just use the pants stripe there and you can't top it.