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  1. 1 hour ago, Gothamite said:


    The only real solution is to go back to Lombardi’s original road jersey for Color Rush.  And then for all road games. 





    The throwback from 2003;




    And the socks!


  2. Just having a weird debate with a friend tonight, and I thought I'd throw the question out to the assembled board.


    Do you see the stripes on the Cardinals' socks as a red sock with two separate white/navy/white stripes, or as a red sock with 3 stripes (navy, red, and navy again) in a white field?  And does this question even make sense?



  3. 8 hours ago, Red Comet said:


    Sounds like a very verbose version of this: 



    That whole thing actually was something a real person said, goddamn.




    He didn't just say it, he PAID THEM EXTRA TO DO IT.  It's stunning that that piece of filth is still coaching. 


    Or actually, maybe it's not so stunning.

  4. Actually, no, I don't think PI should be reviewable.  It's too subjective, and at super slow motion, pretty much everything looks at least a little like interference. 

    And then, what about holding? And roughing? And blocks in the back? Where does it stop?  Should we just take a break between every play while someone hunches over a screen and fine-tooths eveything?


    Enough. Just play and stop bitching.  You think the refs messed up? Hey, it happens... I have an idea for last year's Saints. Play defense in the overtime, jackasses. Maybe your future HOF quarterback shouldn't have thrown a pick.

  5. 5 hours ago, Crabcake47 said:



    Or, put another way, an overreaction and potentially disastrous rule, forced down everyone's throats by the biggest crybaby fanbase ever, is being smartly marginalized before the floodgates to something even stupider open.

  6. NY Giants vs. New England


    Carolina vs. Tampa Bay

    Washington vs. Miami

    Houston vs. Kansas City

    Seattle vs. Cleveland

    Cincinnati vs. Baltimore

    New Orleans vs. Jacksonville

    Philadelphia vs. Minnesota

    San Francisco vs. LA Rams

    Atlanta vs. Arizona

    Tennessee vs. Denver

    Dallas vs. NY Jets

    Pittsburgh vs. LA Chargers


    Detroit vs. Green Bay

  7. The last time the Vikings wore anything other than purple over white, or white over purple was December 1, 2016... that's 1042 days ago, if you're counting. I'd just as soon see that streak continue. I like it when a team commits to a look, assuming that look doesn't suck. 


    The Vikings have worn their stupid color rush thing once... that was all I needed to see of it. If they absolutely insist on having an alt, a throwback to the 60's uniform would be much much more preferable.

  8. 3 hours ago, simtek34 said:

    My Vikings are (unfortunately) wearing Color Rush vs the Redskins on 10/24 Thursday Night Football.


    We went so long without Monochrome, why now. All I want is to see White on White a few times, and to add White socks for the W/P. Not THIS!


    That sucks.

  9. 6 minutes ago, GFB said:


    My biggest issue with the Giants is that nothing about their uniform matches any other part. 


    This is quite literally my favorite thing about the Giants' uniforms.  


    At least it was before they ruined their near perfect look with those stupid white pants.

  10. LA Rams vs. Seattle


    NY Jets vs. Philadelphia

    Atlanta vs. Houston

    Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh

    New England vs. Washington

    Buffalo vs. Tennessee

    Arizona vs. Cincinnati

    Chicago vs. Oakland

    Minnesota vs. NY Giants

    Jacksonville vs. Carolina

    Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans

    Denver vs. LA Chargers

    Green Bay vs. Dallas

    Indianapolis vs. Kansas City


    Cleveland vs. San Francisco

  11. 10 hours ago, DG_Now said:










    I've said it before, but I'll repeat it.  The above is the only home combination the Seahawks need.  The blue over gray is the only dark version of their current set that looks like something an NFL team would wear.


    The gray pants are all they need.

  12. There's no saving that abomination. The truth is the number font is so over-the-top, laugh-out-loud horrific, it actually helps distract you from how bad everything else is. There's no part of this steaming pile that's worth considering... just get it over with and flush it.  

  13. 9 hours ago, SFGiants58 said:

    Hideous, even. The Patriots looked exceptionally terrible.


    Agreed, but those are both uniforms (along with the 49ers '90's over-designed mistake) that some folks around here seem to love.

  14. 5 hours ago, radchad said:

    I liked the blue turf as a novelty thing when they were the only team doing it.  But now we have red at Eastern Washington, gray at Eastern Michigan, teal at Coastal Carolina, etc. and it all just feels like a dumb gimmick



    It feels like a dumb gimmick for the very good reason that it inarguably is a dumb gimmick.  Even when it was just Boise it was a dumb gimmick, but when half a dozen other rinky dink programs jump on the embarrassing bandwagon, a school like Boise, which at least would like to see itself as semi legitimate, should look around at the clownish company it's suddenly keeping.