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  1. 9 minutes ago, simtek34 said:

    Personally, I would move the TV Numbers on the Blue Jersey down to the Sleeves, rather than the shoulders. It’s a thing that has bugged me with how it compares to the original pre-70s version. Also, on players like Eli Manning and (soon) Daniel Jones, since they have long sleeves, it seems very empty, and since they are the current and soon-to-be faces if the Giants, all their pictures will she empty sleeves.



    I've thought of that too... It does make the blue jersey seem even more plain than it is. But the idea that the home jersey would have sleeve numbers and the road jersey would have shoulder numbers just pokes at my OCD.  I'm not sure why that specifically bugs me when other similar issues aren't a problem for me, but there you go.

  2. So initially, this was just an NFC North thread... the idea being that those teams were in need of very little changes, so I would just do some minor clean up and add some new alts. In my perfect NFL, every team would go back to just a single alternative look, whether that alt was a throwback or not, and the "color rush" concept would just mercifully go away.  I liked what I came up with and decided to expand it into the NFC East, a division that is also fairly nice. I found that, like the NFC North teams, New York and Washington would just need a bit of tweaking, while Dallas would need a little more, and Phillly more still.  I may expand this to the rest of the NFL, although if I do, as I go along some teams are going to need more than just a slight tweak obviously.


    Concepts to follow...

  3. Yeah, the NFL really let the uniform nonsense out of the bag last year.  Multiple alts, relaxed rules on when, where, and how often an alt can be worn, mixing color rush elements into non-color rush sets... we saw it all.  And it sucked.  Teams like the Panthers practically wore a different combination weekly, and none of them were the one uniform they should be wearing.  It's only the horrific nightmare riot of the NBA that's keeping the NFL looking somewhat restrained by comparison. And some of you want to introduce multiple helmets into this unappealing soup?  Insanity.


    The NFL gets boneheaded flak for being too controlling ("No Fun League!! ... I just thought that up!! Durr!") when in fact, when it comes to uniform policies, they need to go back to being much more controlling.  They should go back to one alt, period, whether it's a throwback, color alt, or whatever, just one. And it should only be worn twice, never in the playoffs. I'd go further, and make each team designate a primary uniform combination... jersey, pants, and socks, that have to be worn together for at least 5 home games.

  4. I've got a full circle story for this one. In the mid-70's, I was a little kid visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the first time and saw a picture of the helmets for two new teams about to enter the NFL, the Seahawks and the Buccaneers. That Seattle helmet was just about the coolest thing I'd ever seen ... Great logo and amazing color scheme. Green and blue together?  Seemed almost illegal. They instantly became my second team, made easier since they were initially an AFC team. Much later, when they switched to that sad blue get up, they lost something to me and became just another team. When they went full time monochrome, they started to become an annoyance to me, and when they switched to the current look (compounded by the fact that they seemed to be overstocked with chest pounding jackasses) I went to full-on hating them. It would be interesting to me to see if my feelings about that team would change if they went back to some version of their first look.  Of course, they'll need to fire that gum chewing smarm bucket, too.

  5. On 5/16/2019 at 11:42 PM, AustinFomBoston said:

    Don't forget this is a Warriors team without KD. 

    :censored:ing Warriors. 


    Who is the guy who spends all his time in the NFL Playoffs thread bitching about the Patriots?  You have become the NBA version.

  6. On 5/16/2019 at 2:14 AM, NicDB said:

    Love that you removed the stripey mess on the collar. How that managed to be the only change from the Forrest Gregg years that stuck around, I have no idea.

    I prefer the original Lombardi striping designs, but I could more than live with the way you executed them.  And I love the stripes on the socks!

    I would prefer something blue for the alts.  But if you want to go kelly green, I would suggest the 1936 championship season rather than throwing back to an era most fans want to forget.




    Like this?



  7. 11 minutes ago, BellaSpurs said:

    Couple of tidbits:



    It’s great, you got rid of the collar stripes and that’s all they are from a perfect look. Good job



    The GSH would look better as a patch, similar to college football, if that makes sense, right now it looks strange because that spot is normally reserved for team names and city names. I love the striping on all three, I love the orange jersey, but drop the orange face mask and just keep it grey.



     drop the unnecessary black and your golden, I love the throwback.



    I would remove dark grey, it just muddled up the look. Remove the number outlines aswell. I think the Lions would look okay sans white, their helmet is currently beautiful and I think the changes are just for changes sake. The dark grey set is an swing and a miss for me. Detroit doesn’t need an alternate, if anything an all white set or white with silver pants. Even with the dark grey jersey, and the unnecessary changes, the removal of the stripe words does so much to make this set great. Btw idk if it’s intentional but you’ve forgotten sock stripes on the blue and grey jersey sets


    Thanks for the feedback!


    The Bears' GSH being under the collar is something I'm not totally sold on either... I just know I've gotten tired of it in the middle of the sleeve stripe.


    I've gone back in forth on the Vikings' use of black.  I think it works on the horn, maybe not as much on the facemask.  I guess I'm not sure about matching a purple mask to that particular helmet finish.


    And, like I said, I thought about just dropping the dark gray from the Lions, but something about it made me want to try to save it. I dunno, maybe I thought just getting rid of it was taking the easy way out... does that make any sense?

  8. And Lions.


    This is the one I've messed with the most.  I've deep-sixed the asymmetrical wordmarks on the sleeve, first... just going with plain stripes.  Also, it's bugged me from the start that the dark gray only exists on the primary home and road as number outlines, which makes it seem like a shoe-horned afterthought added just as an excuse for that ugly color rush mess. I considered dumping the dark gray all together, but something makes me want to keep it, so I tried to find a few more places for it.  On the white jersey, the small wordmark, NOB, and swooshes are now dark gray, and I changed the outer outline on the helmet logo to dark gray, which helps with the out-of-place color patterning of the current helmet logo. Living in Detroit, I'm well aware of how beloved the Lions' ultra-plain throwbacks are, but for myself, I feel they've run their course. I decided to keep the dark gray as an alt, just not as a color rush.  I hate the current color rush jersey... even as just a jersey it's a bad design, so I re-worked the whole concept. \