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  1. IIRC the original plan for that uniform was to have only an all navy for home and only all white for the road. It was (then player) John Elway's reluctance that added the navy over white option. That's how they ended up with two white pants options, which back then was kind of odd. Nike's insidious plan to turn the entire NFL into a monochrome nightmare began 25 years ago.
  2. Oh, I don't think anybody outside of the program has any sympathy for Ohio State. But I doubt that will really matter one way or another.
  3. Well, it's a rule the B10 just randomly made, so I guess they can just randomly unmake it, too. Here's the crazy part... If tOSU played and lost this weekend, they'd still be in the championship, based on the tiebreaker. But if they don't play (and the rule stays in place) they're out. Does that seem weird? In with a loss, out if idle? Ohio State is the B10's cash cow, and the conference's only shot at the playoffs. I'd be pretty surprised if there isn't some kind of deal being cut right now.
  4. The shoulder stripes which have looked great recently, will now suck. Nike does such a crap job on those shoulder stripes.
  5. That was just the white jersey. The aqua jersey had these... well, I'm just gonna call them stripes, because I don't know what else you'd call them.
  6. I agree the Broncos need to be wearing an orange jersey. The problem is the current uniform. It was so obviously designed to be navy dominant, the orange jersey just looks a little out of place to me. But, as you say, the Broncos are an orange team. That's why I'd prefer to see them bring back the brighter blue, and redesign with an eye towards the 80s look.
  7. Las Vegas vs. NY Jets Jacksonville vs. Minnesota Cincinnati vs. Miami Detroit vs. Chicago Indianapolis vs. Houston New Orleans vs. Atlanta Cleveland vs. Tennessee NY Giants vs. Seattle LA Rams vs. Arizona Philadelphia vs. Green Bay New England vs. LA Chargers Denver vs. Kansas City Washington vs. Pittsburgh Buffalo vs. San Francisco Dallas vs. Baltimore
  8. I'm trying to imagine an issue the NFL would care less about than contrasting pants. I got nothing. What would you want them to do when the Packers play in Pittsburgh?
  9. Why does it look like his hat is crooked but the W is straight?
  10. Or Northwestern could just lose to Michigan State.
  11. Viking fans are still pretty much united over their hatred of Joe Buck based on the Randy Moss "mooning" incident. It was a pretty great moment for Vikings fans ruined by Buck turning into a pent up granny with the vapors and blowing the entire thing out of proportion. He's a dork.
  12. Apparently the universe decided that the Oregon vs Oregon State game is so ugly that no one should see it, and mercifully rolled in this fog.
  13. I realize that's a pretty common opinion, but I've always had a soft spot for the white helmet, colored pants uniforms, providing the pants are gold, yellow, silver, or some other very light color. That USFL Breakers uniform is especially nice... one of my top ten all time favorite uniforms.
  14. "Works" as in, you can tell the teams apart? Sure. "Works" as in, doesn't make you want to change the channel? Not so much.
  15. You can't do helmets - jerseys - pants three different colors unless one is white. Basic football uniform rule.
  16. There are quite a few dumb decisions you could dissect with the Rams' new uniforms... the horn split, the name tags, the gradients, the dishwater gray road uniforms... but the disconnect between the sleeves on the home vs road is the one for me that's the hardest to figure out what they were thinking. I mean, I dislike those other decisions, but I can see it as sort of a matter of taste. I like the horn as a single piece better, someone else might not. I like the jersey front cleaner, someone else might like those add-on accessories. I always see gradients as a cheap, minor league relic, someone else might still consider it a valid design choice. I think the oatmeal color goes poorly with the bright blue and yellow, someone else might think it's uniqueness makes it worth it. I get that those things are opinions, and there really isn't a right or wrong. But the sleeves? What? Why do they make the decision to go in such a radically different approach with the curved stripe-like element? And then, having made that decision, why add TV numbers to the road? And then, having made that decision, why stretch them horizontally? And then, having made that decision, why italicize them? What the hell? Wasn't there anybody in the room whose job it was to suggest possibly dialing it back a bit? It reminds me of what I feel when I see the Titans' current mess. It looks like everyone contributed a different idea, and there was no editor there with a scalpel to trim it back. But then, I guess you could say that about the whole uniform.
  17. Houston vs. Detroit Washington vs. Dallas Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh Tennessee vs. Indianapolis NY Giants vs. Cincinnati LA Chargers vs. Buffalo Las Vegas vs. Atlanta Cleveland vs. Jacksonville Miami vs. NY Jets Arizona vs. New England Carolina vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. LA Rams New Orleans vs. Denver Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay Chicago vs. Green Bay Seattle vs. Philadelphia
  18. The Titans would like to enter the room as well.