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  1. Wouldn't be my first choice, by far, but I'd take it over some ridiculous chainmail pattern, or fake looking battle-scars, or imitation rivets, or whatever dumb "viking-like" idea some designer might be pushing. yea, goddamn designers, amiright? A little harsh? Maybe. I just feel like right now were in a bad place in which a whole lot of brand new toys (finishes, patterns, etc.) have been dropped into the laps of the designers at the major companies, and it's like we're an some visual arms race between Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor to see who can use them to make the biggest splash. If I were one of them, I'd probably get caught up, too. Sometimes I just wish they'd calm the frig down. There's very little restraint being shown on the college level... and the Seahawks are a bad sign that the NFL might be next.
  2. Wouldn't be my first choice, by far, but I'd take it over some ridiculous chainmail pattern, or fake looking battle-scars, or imitation rivets, or whatever dumb "viking-like" idea some designer might be pushing.
  3. OK, my guess (pure guess, no real inside info) based on a friend of a friend type deal from a buddy of mine in jersey retail in Minn, plus the script that Jared Allen was asked to read, plus the viking head logo being given the same horns that have been on the helmet, plus Chad Greenway's description of everything being "more plain"... Flat matte purple helmet, current horn design (minus the sparkle-flakes), gray facemask. Again... just a guess.
  4. As someone else mentioned, that was a rather hokey and obviously staged little scene. He was obviously told what to say, and said, basically nothing, while making it seem as if hints were being given away. I wouldn't put too much stock in it.
  5. That just changed the horn on the viking head logo to match the current helmet horn. That would make it hard to picture them changing it.
  6. no chrome is one of the many things I'll be asking.
  7. Sorry... found it. Google search (as always) is our friend.
  8. Anybody know what font is used for the credits on "Archer"?
  9. True. Which is why (along with certain rumors to the effect of an added color coming) I was partially expecting a gray helmet for the logo.
  10. Very common color...however, no one else in the NFL is using it right now. As far as teams in other leagues - Pirates, Lakers, Nuggets, Warriors, Grizzlies, Hornets - to name a few are using it. Awesome. My one big fear in all this was we would end up with some kind of Vegas/Notre Dame/metalic old gold. Thanks for the info.
  11. Hey, Colorwerx... can you please give us one of your patented run-downs of the new gold/yellow? How it fits on the larger spectrum, and how it compares to other NFL yellow/golds. Anybody wearing anything similar?
  12. AZ Cardinals logo update? Ah, yeah... good one.
  13. Can't be a straight up throwback... they just went out of their way to match the logo's horns to the updated helmet horns. Hey, is this a first? In all my time on these boards I've never seen a change that didn't garner at least some hate from the posters.
  14. I'm... OK (Deep breath... in, 1, 2... out, 1, 2)
  15. You could fill volumes with how wrong you are... You must have forgotten what an opinion is... It's a terribly lame jersey in my opinion. Agreed. This, along with the Cowboys' 90's huge-ass star jerseys, has a weird but loyal following. I've never gotten the love for those looks, but tastes do vary, I guess. Too me, if you love this jersey (and that Dallas double star thing) you should also love the Iowa jersey with the bananas on the shoulders and Wisconsin's "motion W" / NY Jets mash up. They're all cut from the same design cloth.
  16. Lord, these are beautiful. And I just got done reading page after page of a thread saying cartoons and illustrations make bad logos. HA!
  17. Flip flop the top two, and I agree completely.
  18. I agree with both of these. The Sharks started out with a really nice set in their first few seasons, but that went to hell pretty quickly with changes. And adding that unique yellow/orange brought some life back (what can I say... I like color), at least with the teal jersey version. Last I saw they screwed it up again by switching to black as a primary. And the Lightning uniforms have always blown. Those logos above are terrible. And I absolutely HATE royal blue and black together... tried over and over, never suscessfully IMO.
  19. This one is just too hard for me to fully ignore. Not because you're not entitled to your own opinion, but because those are the only uniforms I use for the Seahawks when I play Madden. Those things are beauts. I wish the Seahawks still used the silver britches exclusively, even now. Their home look would shoot up a number of levels. Yes, from projectile vomit-inducing all the way up to mildly nauseating.
  20. I'm listening to the Rams / Packers game on TV from the next room over... why is the crowd (in St. Louis!) going crazy every time the Packers have a good play?
  21. Agreed. The current Home is the best jersey in Sharks history. Just remove the front numbers absolutely not...the original black/teal/silver was perfect and should have never changed I liked them with the silver and now I like them with the orange. Too, me its pretty simple... every teal Sharks sweater has been great,every black Sharks sweater has sucked.
  22. The name of this thread should be changed to simply "Opinions".
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