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  1. What the hell? Come in here to see if there is any news on the Bengals change, and instead see people taking lazy cheap shots at the Bengals franchise? Tell you what, list all the teams you follow across various sports, and unless you are some despicable band-wagon front-runner, I bet we can find a few teams you feel connected to that are at least comparable to the Bengals. Don't even respond @Sport... Ken Anderson should be in the HOF just based on his choice of facemask.
  2. And the Oakland Invaders. This happened just after the Raiders had moved to LA. Calling themselves Invaders is an epic troll. Weird but fun logo...
  3. Not a top ten uniform, by anybody's estimation, the Denver Gold. Bad team, bad uniforms. Here's my weird idea...
  4. Also a great color scheme and top ten helmet design, the Michigan Panthers...
  5. So, starting with the Boston (or New Orleans, or Portland) Breakers... great color scheme and easily in the top 5 of all-time helmet designs...
  6. Recently, I stumbled across some old concepts I made maybe 6 or 7 years ago for updating the USFL. Some were OK, but most just made me think of ways they could've been better. So I decided to redo them. For those of you too young to have been around in the 80's, the USFL had some great helmets, and some OK uniforms...
  7. I'm going to file all the "as long as MLB limits these to once a year" comments in the same place as all the "as long as the NFL restricts alternate helmets to throwbacks" comments.
  8. That's a great look. Not that the white is horrible, but like all white masks, it stands out too much. This gray mask is an upgrade.
  9. Ansel Adams... What a loser.
  10. The white facemask is a big step down from gray.
  11. The nike logo looks stupid and completely out of place under the collar. Why was that dumdass decision made?
  12. Well, they could just do that full time, look 1000 percent better, and they wouldn't need a second helmet at all.
  13. So if Tampa's white throwback helmet shows up in 2022, I guess that means Seattle's neon lime green helmet will be here in 2023? Whoopie.
  14. Yeah, it's all clunky. And awkward. Or as I said a few posts up, stupid. Pick a name. Move on. The crybabies will either get over it, or eventually die. Either way, the problem is solved.
  15. I find it difficult to believe that they would really just stick with WFT. Because it's stupid.
  16. They retired Mcnabb's number? Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, but for some reason I am.
  17. You could argue that they've looked too much like the Browns for about 55 years now, and since that's longer than a lot of people have even been paying attention, it's almost just as easy to say that the Browns look like them. To me, this is like the Wisconsin/Nebraska discussion... two teams pointing at each other saying "You change! No, you change!"