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  1. It feels like a dumb gimmick for the very good reason that it inarguably is a dumb gimmick. Even when it was just Boise it was a dumb gimmick, but when half a dozen other rinky dink programs jump on the embarrassing bandwagon, a school like Boise, which at least would like to see itself as semi legitimate, should look around at the clownish company it's suddenly keeping.
  2. Out of curiosity, can you see it now? It's showing up on my laptop, but not my phone. Weird.
  3. Let me add my voice to all the reasonable folks who hate Boise State's aesthetic take on... well, everything, basically. The stupid asymmetrical helmet logos, the pointless and boring black alternates, the ugly past use of gradient numbers, the insistence on little league monochrome combinations, and most of all, that vomit-inducing blue turf. When they're in all-blue on the POS blue field I literally get nauseous trying to watch. (And yes, I know what "literally" means, that's why I chose that word.) How do you screw up a truly amazing color scheme? Ask Boise... they wrote the book.
  4. Philadelphia vs. Green Bay Cleveland vs. Baltimore Oakland vs. Indianapolis Carolina vs. Houston Washington vs. NY Giants Tennessee vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Miami Kansas City vs. Detroit New England vs. Buffalo Tampa Bay vs. LA Rams Seattle vs. Arizona Jacksonville vs. Denver Minnesota vs. Chicago Dallas vs. New Orleans Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh
  5. "Half as much"? That's what you're going with? That's just stupid.
  6. Yeah, that was my first thought ... Spear on helmet, profile on the sleeve.
  7. If he was smart (no laughing) he'd try to head back to the NFL while he still has a bit of his reputation left.
  8. Can we make "swooshkatoosed" a thing? It's more than reasonable... It's a straight up fact. The current insistence on matte over dazzle fabrics is 1000 percent fashion and market-speak.
  9. I'm pretty sure the thought will be that people will shell out new money for the new jerseys, while the Rams will still have the ability to sell the old jersey as a throwback. Which is true.
  10. I would really be a huge fan of the jaguars' current uniforms if they would limit themselves to teal over white at home, and a combination of white over teal and all white on the road. I strongly dislike both the black jersey and the black pants.
  11. This is easily in my top five all-time favorite college football helmets. The fact that this is so awesome, and gets supplanted by the dopey pitchfork makes me hate that design all the more.
  12. No. Ok, sure, but here's the question. Why would you choose a color that is "theoretically" green but appears to be black 99.99 percent of the time? Luckily, I have the answer. Because your design phyloshophy is being led by a pack of douchebags who are significantly more interested in being edgy and clever for clevers sake than they are in pretty much any other consideration. To everyone insisting we all see that color as black, tell you what. I will admit it's really black if you admit it's really stupid.
  13. If I were doing this, that would be step one every week. Put Seahawks in gray pants... Automatic.
  14. Had the opportunity to put the Seahawks in gray pants and didn't? Weird.
  15. I can live with the helmet/jersey/pants being three different colors, as long as one of the colors are white. Otherwise, it never works.
  16. If you've followed the recent "Buccaneers Rumor" thread, you might have read @SFGiants58's idea for an orange heavy Bucs' redesign, with dark red/cardinal/maroon secondary elements. I thought I'd give it a shot. This combines the 70's/80's color scheme (kinda), with the 90's/'00's logo package, and (oddly, because I hate it) a slightly tweaked version of the current font. (Also, it obviously allows for that throwback someone you are staying up late at night weeping over.) Enjoy!
  17. Tennessee vs. Jacksonville Oakland vs. Minnesota Cincinnati vs. Buffalo NY Jets vs. New England Detroit vs. Philadelphia Baltimore vs. Kansas City Miami vs. Dallas Atlanta vs. Indianapolis Denver vs. Green Bay NY Giants vs. Tampa Bay Carolina vs. Arizona New Orleans vs. Seattle Houston vs. LA Chargers Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco LA Rams vs. Cleveland Chicago vs. Washington Yeesh, I only picked two road teams. That can't be right.
  18. Out of curiosity, what else would be in that top five?