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  1. 9 minutes ago, WSU151 said:


    Not if they go back to the royal, kelly, and silver 😀


    Well, they could just do that full time, look 1000 percent better, and they wouldn't need a second helmet at all.

  2. 11 hours ago, WSU151 said:

    The odds that the one-shell rule goes away in 2021 seem to get slimmer. My guess is 2022 will be the year.




    So if Tampa's white throwback helmet shows up in 2022, I guess that means Seattle's neon lime green helmet will be here in 2023?






  3. 4 minutes ago, MCM0313 said:

    Solely calling them Washington is also annoying. I remember before they dropped the old moniker, some of the more...ah...outwardly virtuous sportswriters would call them only by the city name in protest, and it was clunky. Football Team is also clunky. I like the idea of still calling them the Hogs unofficially, but not having an official nickname is so...European at best, severely awkward at worst. 


    Yeah, it's all clunky. And awkward. Or as I said a few posts up, stupid.


    Pick a name. Move on. The crybabies will either get over it, or eventually die. Either way, the problem is solved.

  4. 18 hours ago, BBTV said:

    Wonder if Joe Flacco thinks he's still big-time enough to ask Donovan McNabb to unretire #5 for him.  Hoping he's not a big of enough dick to even ask.

    They retired Mcnabb's number?  Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, but for some reason I am.

  5. 11 hours ago, Jymp said:

    Be better with block numbers, number fonts far too much like the Bears, a tiger is mostly orange, orange jersey, black numbers & shoulder stripes, white pants, black socks for home, then  white jersey, black numbers, orange pants, black socks for away, alternate could be similar to the white color rush they have now, helmet stays as is....but this to me still looks too much like the Browns.


    You could argue that they've looked too much like the Browns for about 55 years now, and since that's longer than a lot of people have even been paying attention, it's almost just as easy to say that the Browns look like them. 


    To me, this is like the Wisconsin/Nebraska discussion... two teams pointing at each other saying "You change! No, you change!"

  6. Although the above uniform would be IMO leaps above what they're currently wearing, I would still have major problems with it. I don't need orange pants, I hate the leotard matching color sock and pants combos, I'm not a huge fan of stripe-less pants, and I'd prefer not to have plain black stripes on a white background. So, keeping the leaked orange and black jerseys intact, here is the route I'd go...




    As always, thoughts appreciated.

  7. So we've all seen the leaks of the Bengals black and orange jerseys. Based on those leaks, I thought I'd take a guess on what the rest of the uniform will be. Since they keep emphasizing the terms clean and simple, and those were the same terms that got thrown around a few years back in the Jaguars redesign, I'm guessing the Bengals will go a similar route.  The lack of the "B" logo anywhere on the jersey, as well as the teams insistence that the B is still their primary logo leads me to guess that it'll be on the hip of the pants. Stripe-less pants are definitely a current Nike signature, as well as three pants options. Also, although I'm not a fan, the solid color sock is where teams seem to be going. So based on all that, this is my guess. As always, I have zero inside knowledge, and zero psychic abilities, so it's only a guess.



  8. The Broncos have had an orange home jersey for most years of their existence. They've also had non-orange road numbers for most years of their existence. That much, at least, is exactly as it should be.

  9. 2 hours ago, BBTV said:

    I always wondered that too, and that was one of the reasons why I came to the conclusion that if you need two pair of the same color pants to make your uniform work, you designed it wrong.  Maybe they had some thought of having orange pants with navy panels to wear with the white jerseys and therefore needed the navy panel to exist?  Either way, it was a poor decision.




    I think they ended up with two sets of white pants as kind of a last minute save. IIRC, the design was supposed to be all navy at home, all white on the road (Nike has been pushing that now for a quarter century), so the only white pants they needed initially were the one with the navy spike/stripe to match the white jersey. John Elway reportedly said no thank you (showing better judgement with uniforms than he has with drafting QB's) so they threw together the second pair of white pants with the orange spike/stripe to make it work. 

    IMO, the navy jersey/ white pants version looked significantly better than the orange jersey/ white pants does, which makes sense, as a navy heavy uniform with orange accents was the original idea, and the orange jersey was only supposed to be an alt. However, I also agree the the Broncos need to be a team that features more orange, as that is their traditional look. All the more reason to euthanize that on-it's-last-legs turn of the century look. If they want an orange jersey, they need to design something that was meant to have an orange jersey. 

  10. Just now, the admiral said:

    Interesting approach on the scripts, I've long advocated a fresh new approach for the Mariners, but why is there a recolored holdover from 1977 on the caps? Is there a better shade of green than kelly green for them? I don't think a grassy green is the right base color for them.


    I was looking for something simple on the cap, and that seemed to fit the bill (hey, that's an unintentional pun!). I think you're right that it doesn't really match the scripts... maybe I'll revisit it.  It did give me an excuse for that powder blue fauxback, however. As for the kelly green and Royal blue... yeah, kelly isn't especially sea-like, but I'm just a huge mark for that color scheme, and will use any excuse to drag it out.